Base lvl?

Started by themrsdelacroix, Feb 14, 2007, 02:17 PM

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For some reason my experience bars have stopped showing exp.. i haven't leveled since i hit 270/140..
Can anyone tell me wtf is wrong with it?
and how I fix it?
I can kill an mvp and not gain a lvl or hardly any exp.
Am I doing something wrong?
Please help me someone..


Assassin Cross 270/140


err...u hit the max lvl cap on the server?


no cause it's supposed to go to 500....

so i dunno wtf is going on..

it happened to someone i was talking to too..

but they stopped at 260..


For such issues on a private server I would suggest you to post this on their forum. You did it, right?


Client might not be registering the vast amounts of EXP needed to level beyond that? o_O


Badly hexed client or badly setup server would be my guess. Both are issues for your server admin.. and only your server admin/GM's can really fix it.