Hmm.. A question about the BGMs

Started by Kurogasa, Jul 26, 2006, 11:55 AM

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This may be in the wrong section but i didnt know where to put it. My question is, Is there anywhere that i cant find out what number corrosponds to what area in terms of the bgm(music) files for RO? This would be helpfull because im planning to make a custom music patch including music from some old rpgs. Id like to make the music fit each area but it would take forever to hear each area, write it down and then listen to the files and compare. I was thinking there has to be an easier way since other people have dont this before. Also i dont have any bgms in my RO right now so the second method would suck.  :P

Anyone got a link to this info?


there should be a "mp3nametable.txt" inside your data.grf or data folder whichever u have, you just have to use grf tool to extract it from your .grf (can download the tool here: it's the 4th one). 

It looks like this inside, for example:


tells u the map name then the mp3 played...that's the closest to what you need

i wouldn't want to post mine since it might be a little outdated, if you can't extract it just ask then i'll post.


Thanks alot i knew it had to be simple  ;)