Asura Strike - Updated Description

Started by Graviteh, Jul 17, 2006, 04:07 AM

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Straight from ragnainfo

Some extra rules apply in PVP mode. Although it has one of the biggest drawbacks since you will have no SP naturally for 5 minutes, and has the longest recasting time of anything in the game, it's still considered "pretty gay" by the majority of users. Usage of this skill in PVP zones is not recommended because of the following:
A. You will be called a newb whether you end up killing someone or not based soley on the fact that you used it.
B. You will be completely helpless without any SP and will be killed by the remaining opposing force, and called a newb once more.
C. Usage of SP recovery pots will automatically label you a "potter" which is looked down upon as "gay" by the majority of users.


still it's pretty lame useful in woe .. newb they are ... and continue they will be