Is there anything like a Ragnarok Episode list?

Started by Dee Are Kay, Oct 23, 2011, 02:39 PM

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Dee Are Kay

Hey people.

I was wondering if its possible to find a complete list of every Episode's name along with (changelogs) every single detail that was changed for each update, kinda like doddler's guides but they only seem to start from episode 10.3. This should include every item, skill, class, monster, map, npc and game mechanic modification in general. The closest I could find is a list with every episode's name on the SPANISH wikipedia page. >_<

    Episodio 1: Aldebarán.
        Episodio 1.5: El ataque de los ancestros. Glast Heim, Clock Tower.
    Episodio 2: Mascotas.
    Episodio 3: Comodo.
    Episodio 4: War of Emperium. Turtle Island.
    Episodio 5: Juno.
    Episodio 6: Proyecto Global
        Episodio 6.1: Amatsu.
        Episodio 6.2: Gonryun (Kunlun).
        Episodio 6.3: Umbala.
        Episodio 6.4: Nifflheim.
        Episodio 6.5: Louyang.
    Episodio 7: Ayothaya.
    Episodio 8: Sistema de adopciones. Bodas. Personajes Trascendentales.
    Episodio 9: La señal. Geffenia.
    Episodio 10: La República de Schwarzwald.
        Episodio 10.1: Einbroch.
        Episodio 10.2: Lighthalzen
        Episodio 10.3: Noghalt
        Episodio 10.4: Hugel
    Episodio 11: Arunafeltz
        Episodio 11.1: Rachel
        Episodio 11.2: Veins, la ciudad desértica de Arunafeltz.
        Episodio 11.3: Nameless Island
    Episodio 12: Resurrección de Satan Morroc
    Episodio 13: Nuevo Mundo
        Episodio 13.1: Ash Vacuum
        Episodio 13.2: Encuentro con lo desconocido
        Episodio 13.3: El Dicastes
    Episodio 14.1: Bifrost
    Special Episode: Malangdo Cat Island
    Episodio 14.2: Travel to the Laphine home of Alfheim.(no implementado)
    Episodio 15.1: A Castle in the Sky.(no implementado)

However for some reason I believe it might be inaccurate and of course theres no details on what was changed whatsoever.
Is this asking for too much? :3

If anyone knows of anything like a complete, detailed list...please share.
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I remember posting this in another topic:
Quote from: CrispyKitten on Apr 20, 2011, 02:12 AM
Oh, you mean the order of Episodes?  That's different than the storyline...
From what I read on iRO Wiki, the order differs depending on which server you're looking at (iRO vs. jRO vs. kRO vs. bRO, etc.) because of specialized towns (such as Moscovia or Brasilis) being implemented on that nation's official server first before being ported over to iRO et al, so there's a few answers.  I think on bRO and in general, it was something like:

Episode 1
The start of the adventure (all Beta)

Episode 2
Glast Heim

Episode 3
Al De Baran

Episode 4
Turtle Island

Episode 5

Episode 6
War of Emperium

Episode 7

Episode 8
2-2 Jobs

Episode 9

Episode 10

Episode 11

Episode 12

Episode 13
Transcendent Jobs

Episode 14

Episode 15

Episode 16
Robot Factory

Episode 17
Expanded Jobs

Episode 18

Episode 19
Odin Shrine

Episode 20

Episode 21

Episode 22
Nameless Island

Episode 23
War of Emperium SE

Episode 24
The Dimensional Gorge
Satan Morroc

Episode 25

Episode 26
The Memorial Dungeon
Sealed Shrine
Endless Tower
The Vision of Okolnir
The Battlegrounds

Episode 27
3-1 Jobs

However, I believe on iRO, it was more like this:
1.0 Beta (The start of the adventure)
2.0 Glast Heim
3.0 Al de Baran
4.0 Comodo
5.0 Yuno
6.0 WoE
7.0 Umbala
8.0 Amatsu & Kunlun
8.1.1 Niflheim
8.1.2 Louyang & Jawaii
8.2 Ayothaya
9.0 Rebirth
10.1 Einbroch
10.2 Lighthalzen
10.3 Noghalt
10.4 Hugel
11.1 Rachel
11.2 Veins
11.3 Nameless Island & Moscovia
12.1 Satan Morocc
13.1 Ash Vaccum--
13.2 Into the Unkown--
13.3.1 Brasilis
13.2 Into the Unkown
(Localized Town: Brazil) Brasilis
13.3 El Dicastes
14.1 El Bifrost
(Localized Town: Indonesia) Dewata
(Intermission) Malangdo Island
14.2 To Alfheim

The first list is a bit more explanatory, but the second one has the proper Episode names.  I'm sure someone out there has the list for kRO episodes.  Hope this helps, and again, I heavily suggest checking out iRO Wiki's Forums.  That's where I got all this information from to begin with.
Hope that helps.  Might be one or two of the SUPER SUPER new episodes missing, haven't checked in a while.

Dee Are Kay

Thanks, this added a little more information for sure. I tried looking on iROWiki though, what do you look up? I've tried with "episodes" and "changelogs" but nothing remotely accurate shows up, except for the changelogs up to like, 2-2 jobs only. D:

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Oh, I should've deleted that "check iRO Wiki" part.  It was in response to the thread that I originally posted that in.  It's been like a year since I've visited iRO wiki (cuz they're only RE now, and I play Pre-RE servers), so I'm not sure where I got that list.  I think it was a thread on RO folklore.  Definitely nothing relating to "changelogs" for sure.

If you're looking for changelogs, iRO Wiki does have a thread on that though, I think it's under News or Sakray News or something like that.  Also, especially for a brief overview of changes in newer episodes, you can check Doddler's Future Wiki for more info as well.

What is it you're looking for?  Changes since a certain time?  If you wanna know what modern players use or tactics or stuff, you could probably get much more precise information by asking specifically here, like, "What do modern Creators use in WOE?" or "How do Snipers MVP these days?"  Just trying to help D:

Dee Are Kay

Haha thank you, but I'm still pretty keen on things as far as pre-renewal goes. Beyond that, I simply refuse to learn.
Doddler has basically everything I want, except it starts from episode 10 >_>
What I'm specifically looking for is what else was changed when rebirth was introduced, as well as when extended classes were introduced, and I also wanna find out when every darn equipment set starting from valk up to bradium stuff was implemented n_n
(This is secretely because I wanna know exactly WHEN things got bad)
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I believe extended classes were implemented with Noghalt or Einbroch.  Valk was implemented with Odin's Temple which was...Hugel.  Bradium was very recent, El Dicastes (Epi. 13.3).  Rebirth/Trans classes were the Yuno episode, I think Epi. 9.  If you search RO Future Wiki you can find most of this stuff, but you might have to get clever about what you're searching for (example:  searching Odin's Temple instead of Valkryian Armor).  It's all out there, though!

Dee Are Kay

I guess, but my main concern is about whats immediately before ep. 10 and rebirth
Out of curiosity though, it would be nice to get an overview of EVERYTHING form the very beginning.
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These updates go as far back as 2004. However, like Crispy mentioned, I'm fairly sure that the updates differ on iRO in comparison to kRO, which is what eA goes by. However, Doddler offers a comparison in the update differences here and a list of most kRO patches here.

Primarily updates have only been important from Episode 10 and later, as any other updates weren't game breaking. So, before Episode 10 the game pretty much had been the way everyone remembers it. With the announcement of Episode 10 came the announcements introducing transcendent classes and then the episodes kept on coming with brand new content each time. So, I'd only be concerned with catching up from that point. I have my own personal Renewal changes list compiled from a number of sources that I have as a guide for the server I'm affiliated with, but aside from that all information on most changes can be found either on iRO Wiki or Doddler.

Hope that helps. c:

Dee Are Kay

I think I love you. That pretty much settles it, I found my answer being things got bad after episode 10.

Thanks a bunch! <3
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Quote from: Dee Are Kay on Oct 23, 2011, 05:29 PM
I think I love you. That pretty much settles it, I found my answer being things got bad after episode 10.

Thanks a bunch! <3

My answer was always things go bad after episode 11. Only thing I don't like in 11 is the Mercenary system, but that's easy to cut out.