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Started by pedrobr, Jan 27, 2007, 10:42 PM

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If i put 3 Angeling Card in my Armor, my weakness against Fire, Water, Wind and Earth will be 25%?
Help pls


Ok... how can you put more than one card into an armour? Anyway, doesn't angeling card give you holy property?


My server is 4 slotted Oo'
Yeah, Angeling is Holy but increase resistence agains a lot of elemetens Oo'


Angeling card turns you holy 1 which is strong agains the basic elements by 25%. Armor cards and elements  do not stack though so its as good as having only 1 in there.


Oh ty man,
So what i should put in my armor to good combo?


Def/Mdef raising cards along with 1 ele card.

Element/Cornutus/2x Solider is good

Solider gives +2 Def/Mdef each, and cornutus is invulnerable armor & +1 def


i need resist agains elements =/


im pretty sure it wont do anything unless the way it works has been changed by server admins. also u cant mix and match elements as far as i know. so u cant wear ghost holy fire ice armour :D if u have 4 slots in armour and in garment then u can do something like: water armour, with manteau with 3x lightning resist and one earth resist. that would give nice ele resist. or perhaps holy armour with fire, ice, wind and dark resist. you can be quite creative on these kinds of servers i guess. i only tried one once and thought it was stupid, so im not sure if this advice would be any help, but it makes sense to me.


Get yourself elemental armor. If your server does have everything slotted at [4]. then those will help a lot too. If you want to put in cards that help you resist, you can try Agriope(against poison), Bathory(shadow), Evil Druid(undead), Ghostring(ghost :p), Pasana(fire), Dokebi(wind), Sandman(earth), Swordfish(water).

To be honest, I'd choose 4 tao gunka's instead. Remember that it gives 100% off of your Base HP. Not modified.


4 tao gunka's? are you serious? doesnt it decrease your defense by 50, that be good for a crusader whos tanking someone but for pvp or woe?

id go angeling for the holy (reduce some elements damage to you to 25%) and depending on your class go for the card combo, then add cards according to strengths/weaknesses.
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If i played that kind of server id probly go with ghostring,tao,cornotus, orc lord.. Always have a gold thief bug in sheild though.. stacked with tharas and unbreakable.. and another armor w/o gring for faceing whitesmiths and LKs who are smart enough to rape you with immaterial sword.


Erm, I've heard that cards only stack twice :\

Not sure.
Hmm... n.n

I guess..

If I were you, I'de just stick with marse, myst, dustiness, etc..


4 TAO sacrifice
beleive me with 21Milion HP it does rock ;/


your def would be huge negetive.. would get 1hited by most things.


I don't know if those Tao Gunka cards would work. Same cards on weapons don't stack over 50% and I dunno if this situation is only for weapons or armours as well cause as we all know, the official servers have armours with one slots.