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Started by Aniko, Feb 09, 2007, 08:32 PM

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Did anyone else here play RO back when it was in alpha testing?  The maps they had then were completely different from the ones used in the real game...  they were around 1/4th the size, and arranged in a general U-shape, with lower-level areas on the right-hand side of the U, the desert at the bottom, and higher-level areas on the left.  Naturally, the world was much, much smaller overall.

Does anyone know if those maps are still available anywhere, or are they lost to the ages?  It's really just idle curiousity speaking here, I suppose, since even in the unlikely event that they're still compatable you'd lose lots of stuff by using them, but I thought I might as well ask.  Their smaller size would make them more suitable to a server with very few people on it, at least.

Loki FortunaRO

You can actually get all these maps from the RUNE site... but I forget where that is!  @__@ 


RUNE is at (I'm allowed to post that right o.o?)


Actually the server I currently play on (underworld RO) use them as an addition, i'ts pretty cool, we got all of the normal current RO maps, and thoose (you acess them via a special warper npc), we got the old dungeons and everything.. but custom mobs.. but it's nice to see how it used to look...

And I like old Morroc much better than the current Morroc >..>

Loki FortunaRO

I'm using them on my server, too!  It's going to be a "new continent" that the players will be discovering, but the Storytellers are currently exploring the maps so they can place NPCs and figure out monsters spawns and crap.  For an RP server, expanding with new maps is a Storyteller's dream!  @__@


I was thinking something like a quest that requires my users to go back in time and change something ^^