Alot of New info on 3rd Class Characters!

Started by Plague, May 30, 2008, 10:36 AM

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Well, I came across a website from an iRO GM. There was alot of info on the new classes coming in episode 13. Here it is.

If you don’t want to be reborn into a novice and start again, the Ragnarok 3rd Job Class is right for you. There are six kinds of 3rd Job Classes to be implemented soon. Hunters to become Rangers, Blacksmiths to become Mechanics, Knights to become Rune Knights, Assassin to become Guillotine Cross, Priest to become Archbishop and Wizard to become Warlock. When players decided to choose the Ragnarok third job path, they retain their level and their level limit becomes 150. These are only available for 2-1 classes only, no word yet for the 2-2 third jobs.

-Class Names-

Rune Knight (Changes from Knight, Lord Knight)

Warlock (Changes from Wizard, High Wizard)

Ranger (Changes from Hunter, Sniper)

Arc Bishop (Changes from Priest, High Priest)

Guillotine Cross (Changes from Assassin, Assassin Cross)

Mechanic (Changes from Black Smith, White Smith)

Royal Guard (Changes from Crusader, Paladin)

Shura (Changes from Monk, Champion)

Sorcerer (Changes from Sage, Professor)

Dark Chaser (Changes from Rogue, Chaser)

Generic (Changes from Alchemist, Creator)

Minstrel (Changes from Bard, Clown)

Wanderer (Changes from Dancer, Gypsy)

-HERE Is some Overviews-

Priest â€"> Archbishop

Males appear like those serious members of the clergy. Females look like the pope in the Rachel temple.

Improved existing supportive skills.
Many new anti-Demon/Undead skills will be added. However selecting them will reduce the effectiveness or lose out on some of the supportive skills.
Added skills that allows Archbishop to do physical melee damage.
Assassin â€"> Guillotine Cross

The Guillotine Cross looks like Loki. Armors are made of bones and sharp tusks.

There is a DPS (Damage per second) which is very strong but when the skill fail, there will be consequences.
Many different types of poison will be added. In addition, it will be armed with new skills using poisons.
Blacksmith â€"> Mechanic

The Mechanic is the job of 3rd Blacksmith. The mechanic’s sprite has only one garment.

They can create more new weapons. They can now create auto-attack items for the transcendent.
Improved skills using items rather than direct physical battle.

Hunter â€"> Ranger The Ranger is the 3rd job Hunter. Their colors are based on the colors of green and camuflage military and leather accessories. They have a military aspect and sports.

Ranger can have a Wolf. The wolf can be used as a mount to move.
It increases the power of skills arc.
Improve the traps of a target in addition to allowing the use of several traps for both new effects.

Knight â€"> Rune Knight The Rune Knight is the job 3rd Knight. It looks like Chaos’ armor in the RO manga. It focuses more on attack speed.

More offensively oriented to the Knights or Lord Knights.
Reduced dependence on the defense team. The skills will be more offensive.
They will also use “Rune”, a special type of Mana, to perform their skills.

Wizard â€"> Warlock The Warlock is the job of 3rd Wizard. The clothing is simple to permit easy movement. It is designed as a sorcerer for large-scale battles.

Added poison-type spells. Strengthened shadow-type spells.
The property Ghost spells are stronger.
Spells has a huge area of effect that can be cast when several Warlock together.
You can mix different types of spells to achieve new effects
Class powerful and destructive


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Quote from: phranxis on May 30, 2008, 11:18 AM
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I think hes one of the GMs of the official server.

And I think they will change a bunch before anything can really be confirmed for sure.



ya... this info is kinda old ^^
but its still cool none the less =P


This info comes from Doddler, a player on iRO Loki. Not a GM.
This info is like 11 months old now.


I didn't know where it originated. All I know is I found it on or something. I know its old now. I never really paid any mind to this kind of stuff so it hit me out of the blue when I was looking for it. ::)
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