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Started by Honorbydeath, Oct 31, 2006, 05:41 PM

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stuff like that they DO NOT USALLY WORK because like mine my wan and lan and ports block it and peopel say why does this site say its off i said have you tried to login they said no so they login omg its online jezz dont use this s*** before you vertify it works mine is 24/7 so is others other server owners asked me post this too



First of all, if you're behind a router with the firewall activated and ports unforwarded, of course it's not going to work.  Then again, how are players connecting to your sockets?  If the status checker cannot cannot to your server, it means that other players would not be able to connect.  It establishes a socket connection the same way as players do to check if the port is accessible.  Third of all, if your webhost blocks outgoing ports, it's always gonna be blocked and returned "offline".  Fourth of all,

Quoteother servers owners asked me post this too

Read what I just wrote above.

Fifth of all, I warned you for excessive posting when it's not necessary.


alot dont use the orginal ports set by it like me i use 6321 5121 and 6800
also some of my fellow users read here too so thats why i posted it here also
also i send message to yc for adding warn status for some s*** reason


s*** reasons?  I warned you because you were starting/posting topics at an alarming rate.  It wasn't this topic alone.  The reason why "Spam" is marked on this topic is because this is the topic I stopped reading at.

A warning doesn't mean anything so you're still in the safe.  It'll remove itself in 1 week so you don't have to worry about it.


i still say its s*** reason ~_~ and ill im doing is keeping the forums talkactive