Does Vit increase Defense?

Started by Holy Knight, Jun 27, 2008, 01:15 PM

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I found this link of calculation of status resistance from animaRO. Its an old link.

I believe this is where the 97VIT formula came about.

Appearance: Stars circles the targets head
Success Rate: BaseChance*(97-VIT-LUK/3)/100 %
(Note: I've received reports that 97 vit does not guarantee immunity to stun. The highest vit/luk combination I've heard of and still being able to get stunned is 98 vit with 10 luk. Even if luk were to have a reduction of luk/5, that should still be 100% immunity. Will test at a later date.)
Duration: 3*(97-VIT-LUK/3) /100) seconds
Recovery Items: None
Recovery Skill: Status Recovery
Resistance Items: None
Immunity Items: Orc Hero Card
Effect: While Stunned, the target is unable to do anything and attacks automatically hit them.

Notice that the author of that website even stated thats there's no guarantee with 97VIT or a combined 97 from VIT and LUK, u will be 100% immune to stun. Btw, if u look careful at that webpage.. u will see some incomplete formulae. So, its reliability is highly questionable.

Apparently an official testing was done by iRO (extract can be found here)

100VIT = 100% immunity to stun
100% stun resistant from gears/cards = 100% immunity to stun
Orc Hero card = 100% immunity to stun
Its possible to get a combination of VIT and % stun resistance to get 100% immunity to stun (its just very hard based on official servers... maybe if your server have more than 99levels and special donation items ... it should also work)

But this test was done on iRO meaning Aegis platform. Results may differ depending if your server chooses to follow official RO.

Just by looking at eAthena support forum, I came across this repeatedly

// Adjustment for the natural rate of resistance from status changes.
// If 50, status defense is halved, and you need twice as much stats to block
// them (eg: 200 vit to completely block stun)
pc_status_def_rate: 100
mob_status_def_rate: 100

I believe thats the default setting. So, if status def rate=100(default), so it should require 100VIT to completely block stun. As stated earlier, this setup can be changed. So, it can very well be different on your server. Best to confirm with your own server GM.