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Started by Vitriol, Feb 21, 2015, 04:45 PM

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Why don't server admins just limit third classes to level 99 and keep everything else pre-renewal? Then the only difference would be more skill variety and more possible builds and playstyles. You could give more power to MVPs to balance the power increase received by players from the skill variety. That's what I've been looking for but it seems no server has done this before.


forgot to mention that skill % modifier and formulas would have to be changed too. but there is no reason to increase the level cap. imo the higher level cap and higher-output formulas are the main sources of balance issues making players overpowered, able to solo and one-shot MVPs and making the game less enjoyable


The level cap is not necessary with Renewal mechanics but in pre-renewal higher stats can mess up the balance by a lot. But that alone wont be enough to balance 3rd jobs on a pre-renewal setting because they are designed to work best in renewal. There are certain things you can easily configure like renewal exp, leveling, cast, drops and aspd formulas. They can be turned on or off but that will make them even more stronger and easier to play and you have no choice but to adapt some of the renewal formula to balance them out. Even the game designers found no hope in implementing 3rd jobs in pre-renewal because they knew it would be over-powered and they improved the game and nerfed a lot of things with the introduction of Renewal.


The reason they don't do that is because it would be like rewriting everything. You'd have to find some way of balancing third classes to fit in pre-renewal, and like Rider said, even the original designers said 'whoa nope' and revamped the entire game's systems. It's not really a question of fixing Renewal classes to fit into Pre-Renewal settings, it's a matter of taking what the designers failed to complete and figuring out new ways of balancing the overpowered classes they put in.

It's only obvious that a third class level 175 character is going to pretty much break the game as-is. All MMOs suffer that point, it's called power creep and very few games are able to balance it. RO started to fix themselves using Renewal mechanics, but a lot of it fell short, so servers need to play catchup and put in a lot of time adjusting things to fit. It causes a lot of annoyance for players who are used to automatically winning once they reach their top levels, but it's a necessary evil. Not many servers seem to want to put in that effort and push people's buttons nerfing their favourite classes, though, cuz it's a risk. Someone's gotta do it, though. imo nothing that a top level 3rd class should be fighting at their point in the game should be easy. It should take 30-45 minutes to take down a big boss. It should kill you a couple times in the process and you should have to organize your party to figure it out. If YOU're that powerful, the scale of these bosses should make even the best geared people shake in their Variants and call in their entire guild. I miss that feeling of needing all sorts of people to do something like that in RO. I always kinda hoped Renewal would bring that back.

tl;dr: Just need some effort and game knowledge and you can balance Renewal to make people wanna play it but people like ez-mode too much.

Neku Sakuraba

I've played a server for 4-5 years that had Third Classes with Pre-Renewal mechanics. Balancing was a difficult issue but we based most things around a PvP/WoE setting to have some sort of basis on damage and acceptable builds. From a non-biased point of view, dozens of people have claimed that the server was one of the best ones around that had acceptable balancing (from RMS posts and reviews). All classes had a chance to fight (some people even made them really OP lol) and MvPing could either be done solo or group (MvPs were buffed to compensate for the higher damage). The server levels were 150/70, 192 aspd and 130 stats. All damage percentages were lowered a little bit based on beta-testing. With those constraints, it worked out very well for several years. Hell, the server would still be working if the Admin was around.

It's not impossible, but it all depends on the motivation and help given to make this idea into a reality (specifically, help should come from experienced class players and the community).