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a funny or ridiculous moment in Ragnarok

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As the Thread name suggests, state one or many funny and ridiculous events you experienced when playing Ragnarok.

The most fun i had in this game was when i started in the iRO beta 2.
We would do a lot of stuff in a giant party and we had no clue if it was effective to level the way we did or not but we enjoyed it all.

One particular day is still stuck in my head.
On that day, it was only like a quarter to a half hour till we would disband to get some rest, one of our group told us about this place with snow.
Those who still remained all agred to try and get there. After asking some people we somehow got us a warp to Al De Baran and went ahead to the Lutie field.
After killing a few Monsters a Wizard approached us, back then we and most people we saw and knew were first class so that by itself was not a daily event. We chatted a bit about the game and upon looking at his Lord of Vermilion we decided to do a "dance party in the snow".

That was probably the only time we looked at a skill from such a unconventional perspective but it was a lot of fun.

I remember once I killed three guys in separate WoEs, two of them with Asura Strike, using a HIGH PRIEST
it was on a local server, but still ridiculous imo... perhaps that assassin cross didn't expect me to wear a Ring of the Flame Lord and Ring of Resonance /gg

I once was farming AoA and had Myst Case equipped. I killed an archer and obtained a Gift Box, I opened it and inside it was a Blue Box, I opened that and inside it there was a Purple Box... and inside that? AoA! The galaxies aligned for that one.

just happened today in Woon Reloaded

I got bored playing after a Devil Square event and decided to "play some cards" in the PvP room.
Fortunately there are 2 other Minstrels around to play with so we play Bragi for each other and Tarot one another.
It was fun until some random Ninja entered PvP and make it REALLY fun. /gg

He started to kill us with Killing Strike, so we decided to Tarot rape that ninja to his death upon reentering PvP room. Whenever he reentered again, we tarot rape him again, again, and all over again. That happened to another characters entering the PvP room as well.
One champ enters and I started to Tarot him and then he says, "really?". And that was his last words before we tarot rape him and he rage quits lol.

It was really fun and you guys really have to try it sometimes /heh

On a midrate a fair while back I did nothing but PvP as professor; I'd clear the PvP room on login just about everytime, and almost every time an entire guild would show up to come fight with me and a few friends. Lots of trash talking in the main town to eachother, anyway one day after a huge argument and the other guild saying they wish I'd quit, I told them if anyone can beat me in a 1v1 fight, I'd give them my account and never play again. If I won they had to give me whatever hat they wore for the fight

First guy to accept was a paladin, up until now I have been spec'd as a bolter prof/occasionally FS the entire time I've played, I reset to autobolt build with book of the dead. We dueled in main town, I killed him in ~3 hits with a coma proc from botd. He never gave me his hat.

Overall the most fun I've had on a server, multiple guilds that would PvP against eachother for hours on end whenever someone started something.


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