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a funny or ridiculous moment in Ragnarok

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I'm kinda on the same page as the topic starter. The most fun I had in RO was when I first started it several years ago. I used to think that a frying pan with an egg should be ez pz for a super low level, boy was I wrong. But that wasn't the funny moment. It was when a thief genuinely tried to help me and was guiding me on how to use the interface, I got suspicious because he's a thief after all and thieves cannot be trusted so the moment he used his hide skill I ran far far away. That also reminds me of my first scam, I thought priests are really nice people but that bastard scammed me and made me cry qq

I used to remember back then I was a priest and it was my hobby to hunt MVPs with friends.

My friend is a Champ and we would kill MVPs instantly because he has 2 Megingjards (in an official server lolz)

All I had to do was find the MVP, use Lex Aeterna on it, and boom - DEAD.

Fun times, fun times.  /heh

I remember the first time I played, me and this other Aco who was building a monk played together. We spent so long in the Culvert until I found out I could healbomb to get levels, and eventually someone told me to go kill firelocks. The best part was running away from Shinobi. We died so many times. Had to run up those damned steps to get to the entrance to the maze. Then I got a hide belt gg.

But man. It took me 3 months to get to Priest back then. I was so bad at RO.

I think the most ridiculous I've had... I was on my low level sniper and some high level sniper like... being 100% serious... asks me to leech them.  T___T;;;;;;;;; The logic... I cannot understand... t-t;;;;; 

I can't think of the most funest, at the moment... aww, I know I have some, too. t-t;  Uhm, uhm... I just like to play with friends and throw flowers on ded peoples. t-t  Maybe I can think of better ones, later?  Sorries.  >_<;;

I remember being a new player on official and I played a swordie for my first character. On my 2nd or 3rd day in RO, I looted an unripe apple and I thought I was blessed by the gods because wow, I can finally have a pet of my own.

Then I accidentally double clicked it with no poring in sight so I ended up "eating" it. I qq-ed and looked for a GM in prontera field and sat there, waiting for hours coz I wanted my unripe apple back.

So embarassing..........


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