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a funny or ridiculous moment in Ragnarok

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When ro was very popular in 2003/2004 then i  was interested and saw Bongun pic then asked to my friend who played ro "How to change from novice to this?" /otl

Lmao i thought it was another class, didn't know Bongun is a monster. Embarassing lol

--- Quote from: Azure Knight on Mar 22, 2015, 02:44 am ---On MoeRo, there was a database error and everyone's storages got wiped.

After an hour of the above, the GMs got sick of it and killed everyone in Prontera.

--- End quote ---

That was epic wow

Trying WoE for the first time. Stealing all the way into the enemies castle only to realize I didn't know what to do next. Died almost instantly the moment I appeared to help fight.

The Myth of Tiger Lily. Never5Get

Me and my guildmates are going to hunt Hard Rock Mammoth on a low rate server consisting of a
champion, paladin, 2 priests and 5 snipers.
2 snipers are on the area mobs, 3 snipers for the mammoth.

after few moments of preparation, we started to look for it and tried to kill it.
When the mammoth is near death, suddenly a tatacho and a hillslion were summoned in the middle of our party;
killing the paladin, 3 snipers and priest. champion was killed by mammoth.
the rest desperately lures out the mobs as they will be killed on 1 hit.

Then the mammoth started its FULL HEAL casting.
Our priest hit the mammoth. Twice, with a crit! . to prevent it from healing.
Then the snipers got caught dead, everyone falls, the mammoth healed, and we never came back there again. /heh

I was doing Nyddhoggr with my girlfriend and a friend. We got Nydd down to about 2% hp and I went to pop a bubble gum but missed and double-clicked butterfly wing.


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