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Author Topic: [Renewal] I'm scared my new pet incubus will leave me! Help!  (Read 3154 times)

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Offline mpregangel

I don't understand what's wrong! I just hatched him and fed him as he asked but he has dropped to awkward in less than 30 minutes. I paid 10mil for this bastard and don't want to lose him so quick. I'm using him on a lvl 82 male Preist.


Offline Relics


Also, their intimacy drops if you die a lot iirc

Offline mpregangel

I already read this but it doesn't help. I haven't died once since I got him and feed him promptly since I check his status like every five seconds. I just don't know what's wrong. Is the incubus pet glitched or something? I had to put him in his egg cause I am really freaked out as to what to do. He dropped for no reason what so ever!

Offline Triper

His intimacy drops when you put him back to the egg.
His intimacy drops if you feed in another state that isn't when is on neutral.
His intimacy drops when you die.

If nothing of ^ happens you may want to talk with a GM in the server you play to get some answers.

Offline mpregangel

I play on public servers... Ygg to be precise. The forums were shut down though.

Offline Triper

Then maybe try irowiki's forum? At least if nobody here can help you, that's a place that can, maybe, help you.

Offline yC

Last resort, put her back to egg and resell it before you loss all value of it.  Buy another one that could be better.

Offline Azul

Overfeeding it will also make it go awkward. Feed it right above or (out of) the red zone.  /no1

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