RO RP Journal: The Lunatic - Issue #1

Started by mindly, Oct 19, 2019, 04:57 AM

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Hello everyone!

The Academy of Midgard is a small RP group that is playing and RPing on origins RO. We recently wrote the first issue of our own Journal - it's all about Payon and some internal Academy activities! Hence if you want to know more, are interested in reading some articles about Payon and it's lore then this Journal Issue might be something for you! /ho


RP Message by the Councilhead of the Academy of Midgard:

Dear Midgardians,

thankfully I am able to announce that the first issue of "The Lunatic" was published! This is a journal filled with research papers and articles, written by the members of the Academy of Midgard. This first issue treats many topics revolving around the forest village Payon. It contains social studies on creatures, historical and cultural insights, a paper on sticky mucus and even a delicious cooking-recipe aswell as an in-depth interview with a special guest!

I wish a lot of fun while reading it.

Special thanks go to the editor White Mocha de la Frappe!

Kind regards,
the Council of the Academy of Midgard

You can view it here in a fancy way:

Or download the pdf here:

We always appreciate any feedback or critique!

If you want to join the community and want to participate in RP activities or writing the next issue of the Journal, then please PM me in discord: mindly#1231!


interesting but I dont see much informatino regarding how payon is split up ecologicically

trees are split up in 3-4 different styles depending on which part of the island you are

why do nine tails and dragon tail live together?

Well i believe its becauses of the symbiotic relationship they have with each other... Id imagine it would take a long time for a ninetails to either get here from the depths of payon cave or the other way around....

which makes me believe there is a hidden location in that general field area....

Sprouting greatest generals?

Nesting dragon tails?

The only explanation I have is that there is a hidden area... just waiting for us

Field 11 is way to active to be a natural part of payon...



Thanks for the reply!

You have to consider that it is all based on the current state of originsRO. Thus the mob populations are different and the current Episode is ~around 10 i.e. Lighthalzen.