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Author Topic: [Renewal] [HELP] I'm a noob, and why do people seems to get rare gears easily  (Read 1907 times)

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Offline PHELPS

First of all, sorry for my rubbish english.

i'm new with this game. I alrady played IdRO years ago, and didn;t even reach job 2

i just played at local private server recently, with only average 50 players online every day. as far as i know, there are no bots in this server

with 2500/2500/2500 (no MVP cards, no godly, no donation) and max level 150/50 i can achieve max level RK easily, but then, i need gears to compete with other players.

i start with guides on the internet. but guides on the internet suggests very rare gears, or hard-to-get gears. not only one, but nearly all the guides on the internet suggest very rare gears, even in very low rate private server.

so i get my own mainstream gears (tidal shoes, orlean's uniform, etc) but then, i got easily pwned with other player.

and then, once, a warlock wanted to sell his gears with real money. relatively cheap. i took a peek to his gears, and saw awesome gears (++SoD, ++feather beret, etc), which is very hard to get. i wonder where he get those gears. and yet he said that his gears are not as good as the others.

then, just recently, a newly voted private server game-master showed up in the main town to get along with his players, and said (in my foreign language) "wow look at those equipments. this server has only started recently and you people already get awesome gears"

and then, here i am, stupid noob who still wondering how they get those gears so easily.  /sob

i'd really appreciate whoever want to bother his/her time to read this stupid noob rumbling and answer it nicely. thanks  /kis2


Offline Triper

It's called Guild.

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Offline Jake

Read more and learn more about the various cards and equipments in RO.
Think about which jobs with what skills can farm these cards or equipments the fastest.

Offline Shichika

if the server isn't corrupt and the gms don't hand out mvp/rare equips to players than it's simple....

Grind, grind and more grind. Some people spend days/weeks hunting one mvp just for it's equips/card. It's part of the Ro experience lol