[Non-Renewal] woe sniper tips?

Started by jblazer, Jan 10, 2012, 05:01 PM

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my server is non renewal no customs 99/70 max. drop rates are 3x to so no crazy gear suggestions

with no buffs it's 99+36 agility (184 atk.speed no agi up) and 96+44 dex. And rest in vit, around 30. I got 9800 hp with green ferus/tidals/wools.

A LOT of people diss me cause I don't play a vit/int build with thara/fabre dagger. Instead I go BG bow and alternate quad stun bow and quad metaling bow. I still trap and FA (even though my FA is like 2-3k. But with my sniping suit and 2x expert rings and bragi it still spams hard. Honestly I can't kill anything usually but I do survive decently usually if I don't make a mistake with trapping. (but no way can I rambo into a bunch of enemies like in youtube vids)

for survival I have 2 hell poodles in my expert ring. And white pots, also I switch hiding clip/cloaking when needed. And use ED card.
meat heals 456
white pots heal 577
and I spam both keys.

Am I gimped here? should I really reset into a tanker build and try to just tank and trap constantly.

if I do this I pretty much lose my awesome PVM sniper for a build I'm not sure how good it is.

my server is also mainly pali/champs and proffs in woe. I really need advice.


Short tips, choose one of those build :

1. Status sniper
2. Falcon assault
3. Sharp shoot

dont think of using DS to kill in WoE


I don't DS in woe, unless the person I'm against is noob.

guys i've been on the test server for the last hour or two and came up with this build.


I wont be FA'ing unless im in bragi, where the cast reduction is just enough to make it spammable at that dex.

With lex it hits 12700, enough to one shot most classes (8870 with thara though, and less if someone insits on wearing raydric/FB)

Nightmare card so I can walk on my sleeping traps.

2 expert rings for FA and also hell poodles. I can spam meat+white pots probably never dying.

The rest is just m.def/hp gear. I don't have s.sunnies yet so I can't use a feather beret unfortuantly. I really need the nightmare though, or else my sleep resist is 93%, enough to screw me over and get me asura'd.

On switch I'll have cloaking card and quad stun bow+quad metaling bow.

I really like this build, and have all the gears to except combat knife. :D

what do you guys think? :)



Cool thanks. Didn't know the calculator had those options.

I'm not to worried about the FA, just something to throw out once in a while would be nice.


i don't think FA is viable damage. But having 3-4 bragi'd snipers Sharp shooting the trapped entrance to emp room outside of Loki is just win *___*. Preferably with BG bow plaz  /ok


True. But SS is weak in small populated woe games. Since you're only hitting several people and not like 40 as in big servers.


If you're on small pop WoE, I'd suggest go status sniper and/or FA sniper (idk if both are applicable together), because on small pop, disabling one person would affect much (compared to high pop WoE like 35+vs35+). In big pop, Sharp shoot is not bad. It helps dps and can bring down pallies (esp those who dont carry seed/berries + 5 on devo) faster.


No reason status sniper + FA wouldn't work. It's just switching from shield/CK to a quad stun/curse/whatever bow.

The only downside is that FA means low attack speed build. So the spam wont be AS effective. But still not like to terrible. You can status someone with 2-3 slow shots. Then if it fails just switch back and keep trapping.  /ho


What happened to arrow shower to give status to small groups that go near your party? ._.

FA sucks without Bragi[and even with that...], people don't pot+hide?? wth

Potting 2 things[based on my tests and experience] is the same as one, you've delay on that things unless you're using an old client and the server don't have hardcoded delays on that things and meat is super heavy.
Better reduces > pot more. The less dmg you get the less you've to pot.

SS isn't bad, it's actually awesome on a good team and if all stick together what they know it's deadly and can kill before they notice why they dropped:
- SG
- Meteors
- AD
- (...)
- Sharp Shooter with a Earth Bow for the stone curse with earth element arrow[stone arrows or whatever they're called]+some random status like curse/stun/chaos+ask for aspersio
and expect people getting down soon or later[if it's FE WoE then is a sure thing unless there is a detale probably or loki/traps is/are down]