[Non-Renewal] Sharing a RO Non-Renewal Calc for everyone here

Started by Triper, Oct 03, 2011, 10:55 PM

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Quote from: Ragno on Jul 07, 2012, 06:33 PM
The fix you did is fine, but in my opinion the better way to do it is put Medal of Honor (with ratemyserver official effect) and also Medal of Honor [Atk Fix] for those servers who customized it.

  • The [eA] one is now just Medal of Honor[class] and the previous one is now called Medal of Honor[class][ATK Version]
    This shouldn't affect saved builds
  • Changed the name of Magic Bible Vol.1 name to Book of Charms Vol. 1 [aka BoC and more used around pservers]
  • Changed the name of Naght Seiger Burning Manteau to Naght Seiger Flame Manteau


Quote from: Triper on Jul 07, 2012, 07:54 PM
Not really, the one from doodler uses the data from jRO where tons of things aren't like in iRo/pservers/etc [...]

Actually there are items at kro with +%atk items just that they're really few and are shop items/special event things.

That explains the headgear hidden enchants in Doddler's Calc. I know there is items that officialy gives +%atk, but i don't think it would be in pre-renewal mode.

I really appreciate all the work you did, also have all my support i can give. :)


There are in pre-renewal but they're really few.

One I do remember is this. The pRO version is a simple + dex/mdef, I think, while at kRO it gives what is at rms.


Dude.... in your calculator.. When an Assassin Cross wears a katar class weapon the Critical automaticaly doubles. Is this a bug or is it supposed to happen that way ???


As said in the shout box, it works that way. The status window won't show the extra crit but katars give you double crit when equipped.

QuoteThe Critical rate is doubled with katar-type weapons
From here.
QuoteCritical Hit Rate: (...)
Critical is doubled when you use Katar type weapon.
From here.


Mmm... would you mind if I edit your calc (in my computer) to change the visual style to one I like more and add more equipment?
In fact, I was doing that based on an older calc, but I recently discovered yours >.< (I guess I'll start from the beginning).
I don't mind sharing my version of your calculator with you :)


Np with that, you're free to do whatever you want with it xD It just means that people enjoyed the work on it even if I haven't made much lately because of lazyness/lack of motivation >>

Also, for the people using the "short url", it doesn't work now. The subdomain died so I changed it to http://rocalc.strangled.net/ :v


Still one of the most useful tools to the few players who still care about non-renewal.

really hoping you find motivation to code in a calculator for woe and pvp mechanics.


I created a new topic posting my edit to Triper's calc version.
I thought it was better to discuss about it without mixing our versions (although Triper might choose to update his calc with my version, which would make me happy ^^).


:O *downloads it to check it later when I've a bit of free time*


I'm still working on the calc. Please let me know if you change something.
And I've been wondering about those ATK values between brackets and bold text font. I've tried a lot of thing, but those ATK values are always the same as the values without brackets. What is it's purpose?


They're used for +% atk gear.
They boost your atk like +atk gear[zipper bear card, andre card, etc] but you can't check the final value in game. If you check the variable being used you can see what is used for that[it's mainly for eAmod BG acessories and 1-2 kro gear, something like that].



Happy New Year to you too and updated[more like uploaded the new stuff made in the last weeks/months] a bit the calc today.
Some are still somewhere on  the"I'm working on it", some may even not work[yet!] but there are some changes made to it.

What is new:

  • Implemented some of the awesome changes made by kurimet[most of them are the visual parts, for now, didn't had enough time to check at 100% the files yet but they seem really good!]
  • Fixed some items with wrong description/effect[which ones? No clue ._. I don't even remember/took note of them since I do that a lot every now and then whenever I find some]
  • Ring of Nibelung extra dmg is now correctly added to final dmg[at least I think so ._. I don't even remember when I made this, it's at my "Done" changelog txt lol]
  • Fixed +atk BG food, wasn't even working ._.
  • Fixed the calc of some % gear for more accurate dmg[which ones? Again no clue, was another of "I fix and I later upload with something big" and totally forgot to list them ...]
  • Minor typos corrected
  • Fixed the Flee and Perfect Dodge given by Bloody Roar[really? I don't even remember of doing this and I'm not even 100% sure of it, I think it's 1 instead of 0 but whatever, I will check this later and fix it if needed >_>]
  • Fixed the formula of Final Strike[was totally wrong lol Still miss the implementation of Inca/Thana and items that work like that on it]
  • Added knowledge of something to weight menu[it's that Star Gladiator Skill that gives +weight]
  • VIT DEF of monsters now show as at RMS, no more X+Y1~Y2, now it's X+Y. Dmg is still calculated the same way, it's just a aesthetic thing, nothing more.
  • Cast/Delay menu is now more detailed, shows stats and gear used and how much they're affecting the final result [still need to add an ETC/Other section where stuff like Isilla -50% final cast appears!]
  • Cast/Delay Menu now has Walking Speed but it will always show 100%, it's something to work on the feature but should be done soon, when I'm inspired to work on this again, since it's just a "list and compile" feature.
  • Create your enemy doesn't work neither it will work that soon!![if you saw it, for the short time that was on[totally forgot to comment it >.<], it doesn't work neither I know yet if I will use it ... lazy to do the code to make it work at the moment >>]
  • Added some renewal cards since some pre-renewal servers have them. For now it's just add them and what works already on pre-renewal works now too. Some may miss their effect because I simply got lazy to make them work but others don't work because the effect never "existed" at pre-renewal!![I can add +matk if people want if some servers have that working but for now it doesn't work at the calc. 10+ refines stuff doesn't work too. I can add the missing cards if there is a request for that.]
  • Probably more stuff that I forgot to list at my "It's done" txt file


Nice changes! All seem to work, except "Poem of Bragi" which is not working properly in:
- "Extended Info" (all final "Cast Delay" results are giving half the real value)
- "Combat Simulation" (all "Cast Delay" results are giving 1/10 of the real value, and aren't using the new formula)

To fix this, I've made the following changes:
- foot.js -- line 1981 -   if(w==10) n_tok[74] = w * 5 + n_A_PassSkill3[32] *2 + Math.floor(n_A_PassSkill3[29] /5);
- foot.js -- line 1982 -   else      n_tok[74] = w * 3 + n_A_PassSkill3[32] *2 + Math.floor(n_A_PassSkill3[29] /5);
- foot.js -- line 3565 -   wkk10 += "<b>Cast Delay: </b>" + Math.floor((100 - AC_I)-((100-AC_I)*n_tok[74]/100)) +" %" + " [<b>Bragi:</b> " + n_tok[74] + " % | <b>Gear:</b> " + AC_I + " %]<BR>";
- head.js -- line 5886 -   n_Delay[2] = Math.floor(n_Delay[2] * ((100 - AC_I)-((100-AC_I)*n_tok[74]/100))) / 100; //makes the Combat simulation work with the new Delay formula
With these changes, all seems to works correctly now. Please let me know if it's not working properly.

By the way, I've added ALL your updates to my calc, except:
- Poem of Bragi (instead I added my fixed version)
- Walking Speed calc
- fixed increase agi up of monsters
- Changed Agility UP to lv 5 as max
- killed Flee UP