[Non-Renewal] Sharing a RO Non-Renewal Calc for everyone here

Started by Triper, Oct 03, 2011, 10:55 PM

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I will try to add them next week along with some more updates that I'm near to finish but being lazy to do.
I've them already added on my offline version but still need to finish something first before update it because I don't want to update something with a step in half way that may end bugging people because the Double Attack part asked for more then a simple item add :v

Both working as you can see.


Thanks for all the working Triper. The users from our server really liked your calc. (almost an eAthena calculator).

Well, I see for Rainbow Scarf gives 5% matk, but it just give 1% matk.

About the Double Attack effect, I don't know too much about javascript and related codes. It seems work for Snake Head Hat, but, if it is troubled i think can also recycle sidewinder card effect.

I will be reporting any issue reported in our forum. Thanks a lot for your work Triper.


lol crap, I just re-used agav script for that part and didn't edited it. I already fixed that and yeah, pretty much every effect if already exists is just a recycle of it with the correct mods. I just used what was on sidewinder and adapted it.

And yeah, I pretty much just used it but without checking lvs. The thing I was checking is because some skills seem to have different dmg from the tests I made just to check other stuff. I found that Spiral seems to miss 10 str in the final dmg when using a tatacho card for example so I'm checking others too.

Other songs seem to fail too like SinX Song.


Hope can resolve that issues for a better calc. Any help you need to test please tell me.

Triper, seems like its down the calc.


Here is working, probably was something at the host but they seem to have it resolved already.


Thanks Triper, seems was a temporal issue.

I think it would be an error with Ramen Hat. In Calc it gives Dex + 4, Int - 1, but it gives Dex + 4 (and a chance of autospell Decrease Agi lvl 1 when hitting).


Ok, updated new files.
More or less this is what I added in this new update that can be updated without any problems of other stuff on going.

- fixed cursed values again[added the if blv < luk, curse = 0% to happen]
- fixed increase agi up of monsters
- killed Flee UP[dunno why it was even there since there is no flee up skill, it's just NPC AGIUP]
-Changed Agility UP to lv 5 as max[if someone can prove the opposite of this that I made, show it and I re-add the previous way that was done]
- fixed cast delay given by bragi[I think]
- fixed sinx song of clown/bard
- added some headgears missing there and fix some others[lies, need to add more]
- Changed the Required Level 0 to 1 from the items because 0 doesn't even exist in the game since Novices start at 1[I think I covered all but maybe I missed something]

@Ragno: This update should cover that.

Arka Moran

First of all I'd like to thank you for the awesome calculator.

I would also like to report some bugs or mistakes.
Ship Captain Hat adds 3% Ranged Damage when it should be 7%. I also Believe that it should give a +1 DEX.
Medal of Honor [Swordman], the +5% ATK part is not working correctly, as it should give a +5% extra damage to boss & non-boss, but it does not add the damage when using skills such as Spiral Pierce. I haven't checked out if others Job's Medal of Honor are working properly.

Thanks, Arka Moran.


Thx and Ship Captain's Hat should be fixed by now.

The medals of bg depends on the server and is a debatable thing but I have chosen to go with what the majority goes with since you still have The Sign for the +5% dmg to everything so it's a +1 for both people.

The thing is that some servers use the standard added by eathena and how it's at rms where they work like a % card of 5% to everything.
Some others[the ones with eamod and some others that don't have that but fixed it manually] have it working as a zipper bear but increasing the atk by a %.

It's a baddrace vs a batkrate debate in a nutshell where I dunno which one is wrong or right but some posts at iROWiki suggest me that people used them at pre-renewal as a batkrate.

Because of this batkrate I also added that [ ] below the atk you've so you can see what is the real value of your atk even if the only gears with batkrate are like medals and 1 or 2 more items.

Glorious Ring has the same problem[and stupidly I forgot to fix that forever /facepalm] but that's a thing that I will do tomorrow since it asks me to touch on some other files then just a simple adjust at the item list and it's late to do that for now.


  • SP Song formula fixed[Fixed in the sense that it gives the right boost now but the value isn't 100% accurate yet, probably has to do something about when I tried to fix gospel sp buff along sp values. In my tests the difference was small values like 1108 was the correct value and calc shows 1111]
  • Investigate now has the extra damage from spheres left[a menu for the spheres was added for that[it does ignore GG card if you're wondering it, probably I will have to check if GG card is giving the proper dmg boost in every skill that is affected by it]]
  • Fixed keeping[the skill that stapos cast for example], it now makes the def of monsters be 90 instead of double it[yeah, in stapos seems stupid since they've already 90 def lol, maybe an eathena/rathena/whatever bug?? anyway, it's on the calc how it's working since before it would double monsters def]
  • Fixed Glorious Ring Combo with Medal of Honor to give +5% to ATK



The best feature of this calculator is that it acts with eAthena mechanics, wich is the first pre renewal source for ratemyserver (I guess).

Medal of Honor and similar equips Increases physical damage, does not increase ATK in stats window.

This is the official way it works: http://db.irowiki.org/olddb/item-info/2725/

Please stay with ratemyserver mechanics and do not apply any custom scripts. This is the better calculator for private servers and It would be the best to use ratemyserver scripts (meaning eAthena scripts). Do it for private sever users and do not customize it, please.

In other subject: Pirate Dagger is not giving ATK bonus in ATK window. Greetings.


Fine, I will just add just a different version for who have it as  +%dmg then... less problems for everybody.

  • Added a [eA] version of medals and glorious ring that uses +%atk as a +%dmg for everybody convenience.
  • Added Pirate Dagger to the atk tab.
  • Changed also the Physical Damage +% info to not show that huge thing and show how it's on pserver.
    • Before - Physical damage + % (versus Normal/Boss/Guardian) now is Physical DMG + % [versus Normal/Boss].
  • Fixed Ifrit card to display atk on the atk menu when using 2 card.
  • Fixed Thief Ring+Cold Heart Aspd being wrong[increase was right but being applied on the wrong spot]


Thanks Triper for the Changes.

Well, the way you did is the best to add both effects, but remember this you release a "non official ratemyserver calc", it would be better if uses ratemyserver scripts as the first source to do changes.


The official effect (both Aegis and eAthena) is to increases physical damage. You can also see it in Doddler's Calc, wich is a kind of official source also.

In private servers Medal of Honor and similar equips uses the script "bonus2 bAddRace" to increases physical damage. This equips has no effect in skills with fixed damage, like Cart Termination. You can make it sure also in Doddlers Calc.

The fix you did is fine, but in my opinion the better way to do it is put Medal of Honor (with ratemyserver official effect) and also Medal of Honor [Atk Fix] for those servers who customized it.


Not really, the one from doodler uses the data from jRO where tons of things aren't like in iRo/pservers/etc because jRO has authority to modify whatever they want[and not even talking about skills being nerfed there]. For example, the Glorious Ring there doesn't give +5% aspd. Gandi au contraire, has it fixed with proper stats but forgot the formulas.

Actually there are items at kro with +%atk items just that they're really few and are shop items/special event things.

I try to follow the db here but sometimes some info isn't right here because eathena also makes some mistakes that tons of servers fix that like the info != script and some pservers use them a lot like like that -10% stun hat[marching hat or whatever is called] so I try to stick to what is more used on pservers.

I can make the medals/glorious ring like that to looks better tho. I will try to have it done by tomorrow or later before sleeping since is just a small fix in names.