[Non-Renewal] Sharing a RO Non-Renewal Calc for everyone here

Started by Triper, Oct 03, 2011, 10:55 PM

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Yeah, I just tested it with Firefox right now.  I've been having a lot of issues with Chrome lately, I guess this is just yet another reason to go back to FF for now.  Thanks for helping me clear this up though.  :P


Updated this with some stuff, some more useful then other probably.

  • Added Atk gave by pasana on volcano to the atk tab
  • Zerk now reduces def and mdef to 0 on the correspondent tabs
  • Dress Hat works as intended now
  • Fixed asura formula, was ATK*(7 + SP/10) + 1000 instead of ATK*(8 + SP/10) + 1000
  • Aloevera works as intended on the atk tab, wasn't ignoring provoke
  • Provoke/Aloevera now works with asura
  • Alchemist Card Set/Noble Hat's Adrenaline Rush now gives the correct aspd in every weapons instead of working as Full Adrenaline rush
  • Changed some terminology to be easier to understand some cards
  • Pet list fixed and better organized
  • Fixed the cast of some items to just work on skills and not to appear on the cast delay menu
  • Fixed every gear that worked with Gunslinger Skill Tracking
  • 100% Fixed the cast time on the combat menu of Tracking[casting time wasn't even working...]
  • elder card works with bg guardians at the combat menu
  • Added strip of metaling and wikibane cards to strip menu
  • Revamped the reduce menus, they're now all in one single menu to be easier to make builds
  • Added a menu that shows the modifier of your gears and let's you see what is the total modifier of your gears on a target "made" by you

Yes, click at the pic ^

Yeah, no pvp yet... Damn conflicts and bugs that don't let me finish that[probably will just do a new version just for pvp/create a monster version and stick with this for pvm >_>] -.-


just found this and must say its awesome :D one thing i was missing is the hockey mask headgear (cant find it on any calc >_<)


Thx and yeah, it still misses some items but quick adds are easy to do so feel free to point something you think it's missing or something you should think it should have and I will work on it and any error you see.

Meanwhile I already added the Hockey Mask and made some quick changes on 2 items that weren't working as supposed.

  • Added Hockey Mask to the mid headgear list[it's a mid+low headgear as in the info of the item]
  • Axe and Orcish Axe can be used on a rogue/stalker now
  • Novice and Super Novice can equip Orcish Axe now


whoa your awesome :o

one thing ive been thinking about would be to add something like the "Enemy Extras Box" on ROrotorio's pvp calc but for yourself and with offensive modifiers.
like Racial DMG Bonus [Dropdown] [Value]%

so in the case of missing hockey mask i could have left the 2 headgear slots empty and put something like

Racial DMG Bonus [Demihuman] [5]%

this would also allow to calculate with custom items.
lets say there is a custom poring card that adds 7% dmg to all races you could just leave the card slot empty and put

Racial DMG Bonus [ALL] [7]%

i hope you got what i mean :p


Basically is something where you can add "customs" without any specific name/category taken into consideration. Not super hard to do, actually is super easy. I will try to add it soon.
==ninja late edit==
Added Jaguar Hat and correspondent effect to the calc so people can use loud exclamation effect from it[no, you don't need to have it equipped to get the +4 str, just put the additional effect on and it will be as if it was on].



GREAT!!! Thanks Bro
But Why doesnt Earthquake calc doent work for me. Even if I add some players in range, damage wont change.
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Because isn't done at 100% yet even if I've it half done and i've formulas already done in "paper"[just linking this and that doesn't work that easy with it or it would be done long time ago but the dmg that it shows I think it's the raw dmg you get without any reduction and it's already there every monster that has eq] and I'm doing the following at the moment since is better to finish that first and if I hide that the calc goes crazy as if I just add pvp with a copy/paste.[I think I warned about that fact of not working yet somewhere, if not sorry, it's warned now :S].

At the moment I've this 3 things on-going:
- That EQ and other notorious skill simulation to add[math is pretty much all done after some heavy test with eathena/rathena and some reading at their files]
- PVP/Create your monster
- Manual adds[if someone thinks that something more should be added, feel free to tell]

The first will be probably finished as last[depends on how complex the second goes], second is still on the beginning, third is near done and if all goes without any problem should on in some days.
==ninja late edit==
It seems that I lied a bit.
After checking the code about the EQ part, I found that actually have something done already: GTB, Assumpt and Adjustment skill from Gunslinger are already added to that Earthquake calculation of dmg.[not that it helps that much...]



I register to say thanks for this awesome tool.

I have an observation with the cast time calculation. In eAthena the cast time and cast delay received from Magic Strings is not additive to other reductions gived from cards and equipments. In calculator having dark illusion and dark lord combo cards, beelzebub card and a 100 dex magic strings gives 100% reduction, but in eAthena (or at least in our server) it does not happen in that way.

In eAthena reduction obtained from Magic Strings multiply the reductions obtained from cards and equipments, it is something like this (not full tested):

QuoteCast Time = Base Time * [ Dex Reduction * Gears Reduction * Magic Strings Reduction ]

Cast Time = Base Time * [1 - DEX/150] * [ 1 - Gears Reduction/100 ] * [1 - Magic Strings Reduction/100 ]

There is a bug report for that in eAthena Bug Tracker and rAthena Bug Tracker.

I would like to share this awesome calc with people in our server, this is a very usefull tool (always wanted to see the atk of the character)

PD. Sry for the bad english, it is not my main languaje.


I though they had that fixed. Tbh, I never relied on that so it wasn't something that I cared much but yeah, I know that people at officials used to abuse of bragi of -50% and isilla -50% for insta cast and also -50% cast with -50% cast from bragi.

I will leave a note at my to do list and add a way to easy rollback this. I will try to add this soon[having problems with some new adds at the moment :<].


Thanks for your answer Triper. Wizards is the job that I like most, so cast time is one of the topics I like xD.

I just recommend your calculator in our forum server. Any bug report wich could have in our forum, i will tell right here to report it. Btw, i search Well-Chewed Pencil (item id 5574), and did not find it. Same for Baphomet Horns (id 5374) and Large Baphomet Horns (id 5518).

Thanks a lot. Reggards. /gawi


Giant bapho horns[+15% vs demi-human and -15% from demi-human versions] are there but with another names:
large bapho horns[ATK version]
large bapho horns[DEF version]

Well chewed Pencil I will add.
Added Well-Chewed Pencil and I Love China Headgears.


I don't see any checkbox for spirits from soul linkers in this or the original calculator. :(


As in what? You've to be a bit more clear about what you want from that since they're already in it in most of the cases

Alchemist Spirit - Pot Pitcher is there and soul linker lv taken into consideration
Monk Spirit - Ok, sp cost isn't taken into consideration but neither is anything in there but I can try to add a -% sp cost thing to show the total cost of skills
Star Gladiator Spirit - Union is there to use in the passive/duration skills menu
Sage Spirit - Bolts dmg cover that
Crusader Spirit - You've Shield Boomerang[Soul linked] on the attack skills menu to use
Super Novice Spirit - Is there to use in the passive skills of SN and was fixed by me since the original had this broken
Bard and Dancer Spirit - You just need to use the buffs from the Dance and Music Skills Menu
Assassin Spirit - You've Sonic Blow [Soul linked] in the attack skills menu to use
Knight Spirit - You've One Hand Quicken to use at the Passive skills
Wizard Spirit - Gem cost isn't needed, reflect misses the pvp part which i'm working into
Priest Spirit - You've Holy light [soul linked] in the attack skills menu to use
Rogue Spirit - only misses the pot part and walk speed but working on something about that
Blacksmith Spirit - You've Full adrenaline rush in the adrenaline rush menu as Full AR
Hunter Spirit - You've Beast Strafing in the attack skills menu to use
Soul linker Spirit - points to wizard