[Non-Renewal] Sharing a RO Non-Renewal Calc for everyone here

Started by Triper, Oct 03, 2011, 10:55 PM

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Actually there are three of them and one matches the one that the calc display. Since it never was taken serious in the servers I searched/played, I never cared about that one or the other two versions but I will name the currently one at the calc as something else and add that one in some minutes.
Added the requested item as "Poring Cake Hat [RO Philippines Edition]".


You could put it this way

Poring Cake Hat [luk]
Poring Cake Hat [aspd]
Poring Cake Hat [event]

so it would be easy to differentiate


I made something similar to that but changed them to nothing, aspd/cast and event [to be easier to identify the benefits of the good one] unless someone prefers me to add them by their regions - Korean RO, Japanese RO, Philippines RO - or have a better idea for them.


well stay well, though, which is the normal name I think you should put [Luck] or [Lucky], because some people might be confused, also would be easier to know what to be given when choosing a hat


Great tool i must say!

After trying a bunch, this one is the best suited for me. Keep it up   /no1




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