[Non-Renewal] Percentage or status points

Started by kapitankeith, Mar 30, 2016, 08:17 AM

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Help Im playing a highrate server ... im still wondering which is better

the percentage bonus MATK ATK LONGRANGE etc


the + stats items ??

example this equipment

+20 dex vs 10% long range damage, both headgear which is better? =)

i hope you got my question

sorry for bad english


It depends on your current stats.

If you have 10dex total, then +20 dex will give you more than 250% dmg increase (as opposing to 10% increase)
If you have 200dex total, then +20 dex will give you only ~17% dmg increase

And everything depends whether you already have any skills/items/buffs for increasing damage (since having +50% dmg and getting aditional +10% dmg will only give you 6% increase)

Thats why calculators were invented.
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