DxTory Video Recording Software (for RO)

Started by Usagimimi, Sep 21, 2012, 10:17 PM

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So I've been using DxTory for my FIRSTs and it's been fantastic! But suddenly it crapped out. I tried to reinstall, update to a newer build, etc. but it still only records audio and only shows an image when it's supposed to film my RO box.

I haven't changed the settings since reviewing PokemonRO (see website); but in the month that followed, SOMETHING occurred that makes it so DxTory won't record anything but sound. I tried earlier today many times and nothing worked. I upgraded to 8GB DDR3 RAM (from 4GB) in order to enhance DxTory performance and still it won't work.

Anyone know anything about the program? Why is it not working anymore? I was doing a FIRST review - did 20min in-game - and no video was recorded; only sound. Completely useless!


Updated any codec/codec pack recently?
I personally only use K-Lite Mega Codec Pack[as a codec pack] for years and the only problem I had was when I made an update that screwed some old programs that I used to record. Newer ones have no problem at all with them.

Check the codecs being used by the program, change them or something.
Another option is trying to see if there is any key combo that you maybe activated and made the video recording be off !

Personally I never touched at DxTory so dunno how it works but I downloaded it now and I will check it tomorrow after lunch if I've some free time in case someone doesn't solve your problem xD


I have that Codec and have had it since forever xD haven't done anything to my computer. No installations or new programs since my last review around 22nd August.

Really not sure wtf happened but it's a pissoff to start a video review and only have the audio recorded.


First I would like to be like AAAAHHHHHHH YAAAAY because I maybe of a help to a New World Alliance

Now I suriously recommended you to forget about all the screen recorders and use only Camtasia

It's just the best, never lags, and perfect at eediting
I miss this place


Sooo, I tried DxTory and makes me lag while playing tons of games at higher resolutions and refuses to work with H264 that I love so I'm not going to change from what I'm using at the moment to it lol

My guess is that some codec gone wrong. Tried to change everything for the default settings? Even tried to delete the profile for RO and use a new one? I'm saying this because DxTory makes a profile for each exe so maybe some gone wrong and a delete of profiles and use a new one from zero can work?


Are you using onboard gpu by any chance? Try enabling Force CPU process. or you could go to their forums for support.

That's really odd, dxtory is supposed to work very fast due to its hdd distribution technique from what i experienced with other game recorders plus it's compatible with multiple cores. I don't lose any fps when recording on full HD. It's allot faster then fraps or any other game recorders imo.
Dxtory does support h264. Search for x264 video codec, install it and you can select it in the codec list.
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H264 at DxTory = files aren't saved by the program and is the first program where I got lag using H264 and I'm using that[x264 video codec] ;s


I did enable Force CPU. I found a guide to "maximize" DxTory's potential and it looked great but didn't fix my problem.

I don't know how to clear the profiles; however, I already used it to do PokemonRO's (and three others) FIRST and it worked great. Now it won't work for anything, including already-used servers like PokemonRO. That profile was never changed so I don't know why it's quit on me?

It's user-friendly, too. How is Camtasia for user-friendliness? I literally just want plug-and-go.


i use Fraps + Virtualdub........

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