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Author Topic: [Non-Renewal] Is Strawberry the best SP recovery item for a sader/knight on a pre-re server?  (Read 2201 times)

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Offline Wanderer88

im currently a sader and a knight on a pre-re server (with only basic gear), trying to find SP recovery items to use. so far i have only found strawberry as the best item to use. it's also only 2 weight. are they the best to go for? and where is the best place to hunt them at? spores or yoyos? cannot decide...

i see honey as another option, same with royal jelly, but they are time consuming to kill, i guess.

any suggestions on which SP recovery item to go for?


Offline Wanderer88

hmm.. having troubles deciding on where to farm for strawberries... wolves and spore map or yoyo map? hmm.. any thoughts?

Offline meaman654

A bit more details would help. Rates?

Offline ShiniceSua

For me will be Spore cause if it drop card that fetch some value too. Royal Jelly is good optional even though Enchanted Peach Tree is a little more time consuming but it alternative loots can fetch you extra zeny. 

Offline Wanderer88

A bit more details would help. Rates?

5x rate.

spores seems to be a  good option then. the extra +2 vit it gives can be of value, yes.

Offline draugadrottinn

wolves you can mob, spore single  target which took longer time. ur choice

Offline lllaaazzz

farm le goats for le herbs and sell your extras, make a cheap alchemist