[HELP] 255/255 Assassin Cross Critical Build

Started by Blake, Mar 22, 2008, 02:25 AM

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Guys im playing on a server thats 255/255 and max attributes is 300. Theres no Thanatos card.

I would like to know what cards should i use and weapons for a Critical Assassin Cross. Please help me!

I want to use Daggers, like Main Gauche [4].

Is it worth to use a Drake? Im going to use this build to go PvP. And Daggers damage is 75% on Medium monsters ( PvP ). Should I use drake?


wow,this server sounds a lot like ours.anyway,heres what i know.

+10 MG 1TG,1PAPER, 1HYDRA and gangster(right hand)
+10 MG 1 tg, 1 paper,1 hydra and 1 assulter (left)
Str:200-230 (must be multiples of 10 e.g. 228+12)
Agi:Because Crit Sinx don’t have much need for DEX (not saying it’s useless) your AGI is going to be quite high. Again you will need 195 ASPD, add AGI after DEX and an Awakening potion. You will need around 200 AGI to get this.
Vit:any higher than 100 is fine
Int:1 still useless
Dex:Ok, DEX raises ASPD by 4x the amount of AGI needed, may sound useless but it isn’t, get a total of 40 DEX (or make DEX raise your ASPD by 2) to save some points on AGI
Luk:What you want is an amount of Crit somewhere between 55 and 70. This will make you hit nearly everyone. Remember that a Katar type weapon doubles your Crit rate (not seen in the status window) so actually your Crit rate would be somewhere between 110 and 140. If you want to go for the 70 Crit rate (Remember that Luk also gives you Perfect Dodge) you will probably have to lower your STR a bit.

Summary of stats:
STR: 200~230, base + bonus= multiple of 10.
AGI: ~200, enough for 195 ASPD, added after DEX & Awakening potion.
VIT: 100+
INT: 1
DEX: 40 total
LUK: 150~180
Any left over points go in VIT.

With just 1 set of equipments you wont make it, you’ll need to switch between several equipments to get the full potential out of your character.
Most equips are the same as Double Dagger build, weapons are the most noticeable change.
Upper Headgear: You will need the headgear slots for several purposes: Reducing damage, raising damage, immunity to status effects. My suggestion is to use the following headgears and switch between them:
- Zealotus/Zhrelthsh Mask.
- Marionette hat compounded with a Gemini-S58 Card.
Middle Headgear: This is nearly the same as your upper headgear:
- Zealotus/Zhrelthsh Mask.
- Glasses/Sunglasses compounded with a Gemini-S58 Card.
Lower Headgear: Since Flu masks don’t have a slot anymore, wear whatever you like.

Armour: The best would be a Valkyrie Armour, if you don’t have one or can’t get one use a Cotton Shirt[1].
Compound them like this:
- Valkyrie Armour/Cotton shirt compounded with an Evil Druid Card.
- Valkyrie Armour/Cotton shirt compounded with a Dark Frame/Pest Card, this is just for the people who want to stone other people, remember that 2x Gemini-S58 gives full immunity to stone curse, it’s up to you if you want to use this card.

lets carry a shield also,so u can fight those high wizzies,v.shield w/ gtb and whatever in ur dagger arsenal.

Garment, also known as Cloak, is the easiest part of equipment you can use to change your resistance to elements. You will NEED a Valkyrie Manteau, this due to the reflect this Manteau gives. As last resort you could use a normal Hood[1], but I recommend you try to get Valkyrie Manteaus. During a long fight with someone switch between garments to see if you have a cloak that reduces your opponent’s damage.
- Valkyrie Manteau/Hood[1] compounded with a Marse Card
- Valkyrie Manteau/Hood[1] compounded with a Jakk Card
- Valkyrie Manteau/Hood[1] compounded with a Isis Card

Get Valkyrie Shoes or Sandals[1].
- Valkyrie Shoes/Sandals[1] compounded with a Firelock Soldier Card

This is different from Double Dagger builds too, you’d say Vesper Core 01 is a nice accessory, it is, but there are better accessories. In this case:
- Goddess of Fortune’s Cursed Brooch this item will give a small chance of cursing (I have never been cursed by it though), although it proves very useful (+6 crit)
- Critical RingThis is if you don’t like the curse chance from Cursed Brooches, it gives +5 Crit.


what is this gangster card :/ i didnt find it =xx



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