[Non-Renewal] Sharing a RO Non-Renewal Calc for everyone here

Started by Triper, Oct 03, 2011, 10:55 PM

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Old News
[this is more of what is happening and what not, see it as a "changelog"]:

First of all, I'm no genius when it's about html or javascript, just know a thing or two so this isn't any ZOMG HAX DOOD, it's just an edit and IT WORKS!! IT'S WORKING!! [damn Star Wars Race Game </3]

Ok, so, after CrispyKitten asked for one here[and is not the first one asking for one], since it seems that Gandi won't update his one soon since there is renewal and stuff on officials and for that irowiki already is working on one, I decided to re-adapt mine to 99/70 pservers in general[if there is an item not on the rms db, it probably won't be at this calc too] since I don't play any more the server I made this originally to and for the guild I was in/was gl.

I will just call this thing the RMS Non-Official RO Calc Show!![rofl, damn name looks like it's a tv show]

This calc has many and when I say many, it's really many stuff added as extras and fixs.

Here are some examples that are easy to check:

Menus has more stuff that help low raters as brew, forge and poison bottle making chances as well some woe people[not that helpful for serious GvG people tbh but it helps for people in the beginning at that I think].
Every wanted to know how much would be your atk just for the fun of it? Ups, I added it too :>
I have also changed how the menus are positioned since I HATED their position on the gear part and also killed the kro only features as net-cafe things.

Here is a changelog with more or less what I've added and being working on from the changelog I've to keep notes[or at least when I remember to take note lol] on what I've been done already and what need to be done:
Already done:

- Fixed the missing description of almost all items
- Readjusted the place of some tabs
- Fixed moscovia monster's names
- Fixed Kawaii Ribbon/Cute Ribbon Problem and added Puppy Hat because was missing lol
- Made some changes at the monster buffs and stats windows and renamed them
- Lord Kaho's Horn activated at simulator[some servers have it]
- Fixed names of cards and items
- Changed name of maps to eAthena defaults and order them by the alphabetic order
- Translated skills to eathena definitions
- EDP sucess rates added aka EDP making chances
- Fixed Marionette Control
- Fixed Tarou+Cramp Combo to work x2 when you've 2 Tarou Acess and 2 Cramp at Headgear
- Added the atk section and in [] the atk with batkrate equips equiped
- Fixed DEF values to be exactly like eathena
- Added Potion Pitcher calc
- Added a fix to the multiple anti-status cards bug
- Fixed the weapons that can be used by Super Novice with his link
- Tournament shield fixed, it doesn't work with spiral pierce anymore!!
- Ice Pick works with shield boom(values still being tested but are 98% accurate)
- Gospel +100% atk works now with asura and is added to atk values
- What homuncul I will get feature added
- Fixed Black Cat/Rogue's Treasure/Cold Heart items, should work at 100% now
- Added Gym Passes to Weight Limit called Enlarge Weight R
- Box of Resentement atk added to ATK numbers!!
- Aloevera displayed on the vit and atk!
- Remade Additional Effects Menu
- Added BG FOOD[some servers have them]
- Added an [ACTIVE] Menu option to most of the menus that were lacking it[mine didn't had it like Gandi's calc had :P]
- Added provoke from another player atk/vit def status changes to def/atk windows[provoke slaves exist!]
- Added brew/forge rate calc
- Fixed matk values to be like eathena
- CK and other pierce gears work with shield boom
- Fixed lots of errors found on kvm gears
- Added new world food
- Enabled Bone Plate
- Added Dewata mobs
- Added El Dicastes mobs
- Adde Scaraba Hole mobs
- Added Manuk and Splendide mobs
- Added soft vit and soft mdef thing to this so we see def and mdef like in game
- Added a select rate of your server
- Added Malangdo mobs
- Added colours to elements to make it easier to check info about gears/cards, gonna add to menus too.
- Added Cooking Simulator based on the code of eathena trunk[seems to give the same results of rms cooking simulator so it seems ok I guess], you get the "theory" values and the values with the random decrease in [ ]
- Fixed Endure of Sword Class not making Mdef go over 100
- Added, in [ ], the real value of mdef. Someone told me[and after a check at eathena code it seems true] that I was missing mdef bonus from vit so I added in [ ] since you don't see it in the status window[I know it's pointless but the add was easy to do anyway]
- Changed the look of the calc to look better[if there are a lot of complains I can always change to the other one, I don't know ._. Maybe I can even do a choose the colors to use feature instead]
- Cleaned the css of useless stuff
- Added Atk gave by pasana on volcano to the atk tab
- Zerk now reduces def and mdef to 0 on the correspondent tabs
-Dress Hat works as intended now
- Fixed asura formula, was ATK*(7 + SP/10) + 1000 instead of ATK*(8 + SP/10) + 1000
- Aloevera works as intended on the atk tab, wasn't ignoring provoke
- Provoke/Aloevera now works with provoke
- Alchemist Card Set/Noble Hat's Adrenaline Rush now gives the correct aspd in every weapons instead of working as Full Adrenaline rush
- Changed some terminology to be easier to understand some cards
- Pet list fixed and better organized
- Fixed the cast of some items to just work on skills and not to appear on the cast delay menu
- Fixed every gear that worked with Gunslinger Skill Tracking
- 100% Fixed the cast time on the combat menu of Tracking[casting time it wasn't even working...]
- elder card works with bg guardians at the combat menu
- Added strip of metaling and wikibane cards to strip menu
- Revamped the reduce menus, they're now all in one single menu to be easier to make builds
- Added a menu that shows the modifier of your gears and let's you see what is the total modifier of your gears on a target "made" by you
- Cursed values fixed
- Fixed a typo on the attack skill menu of Venom Splasher
- Kihop increases and values corrected at 100%
- Gospel +25% def fixed to show on DEF
- Gospel +100% SP seems fixed
- Added Kihop atk bonus to ATK menu
- SP Mods seems fixed[not sure at this at 100% but on the tests I made with tons of variations, it seems ok]
- Bragi works now as it works in pservers, aegis formula is ignored for now
- fixed cursed values again[added the if blv < luk, curse = 0% to happen]
- fixed increase agi up of monsters
- killed Flee UP[dunno why it was even there since there is no flee up skill, it's just NPC AGIUP]
-Changed Agility UP to lv 5 as max[if someone can prove the opposite of this that I made, show it and I re-add the previous way that was done]
- fixed cast delay given by bragi[I think]
- fixed sinx song of clown/bard
- added some headgears missing there and fix some others[lies, need to add more]
- Changed the Required Level 0 to 1 from the items because 0 doesn't even exist in the game since Novices start at 1[I think I covered all but maybe I missed something]
- Added the wanted PVP Menu thing. It's called Create Your Enemy [you can sorta of create any type of monster if you use generic stuff I guess ...]
- Added a generic Shield card called Physical Damage 5% for the dark shadow, Tatacho, etc cards that work like that
- Added Brasilis dungeon [was MIA]
- maybe I added more stuff, dunno
What I'm still working on it/missing:

- Adding some monster skills where dmg is big and knowing what dmg people get with reduces helps[just missing some skills and gear work, dmg already works at 100%]
- Fix hp values to be like eAthena values[many guildies reported this to me and I never remember to fix this >_>]
- Fix -vit def working with all the other s*** from auto-berserk [already done and checked, just need to be copied to the online version when I've more time]
- Adding an item heal calc with min, max and average values[don't mix with potion pitch stuff]
- Dunno what more ...

The thing to achieve with this is to release something that will make most of the people happy since I will work at this in the next days and so I kinda prefer to work now instead of after since I've free time now ;X Just check what roratorio doesn't have here and check my changelog/stuff being added. Search first with ctrl+f or the equivalent to your browser in here before asking to be added and no, I won't add any item that isn't at rms or at officials.
This is just more for small things that I don't remember like something that could be added to the top right menu or some item to the item usage menu like the bg foods.

If nobody asks for nothing neat to be added I will just release as I've it adapted to a general panorama.

I will probably release this later this week if all goes fine, just cleaning codes and finishing some stuff and checking some other stuff that is server specific from where I played and making it more general pserver so it can be actually 100% useful.

PS - Non 99/70 servers and stuff may get something better adapted to them later if this all work and goes fine, depends on my mood/free time later too since this asks for quite a bit of time X_X

New news
[for maybe someone who didn't check yet]

Beta version available for basic test[still lacks stuff but I try to update soon as I see stuff I add is without errors and is good too to spot errors I don't see and people report]

Yes, click at the pic ^

NOTE - In case of that link fails, you can always go to this one.


Omg, I can actually figure out my Atk?  Brilliant.  This looks amazing, Triper, thanks a ton for giving up your free time for this.  Truly cannot wait to see the release.  Renewal really killed a lot of useful sources for (pserver) Pre-Renewal players...

Also, haven't seen that Homun predictor since like, Doddler's first stat calc lmao.  Nice add xD

Edit:  Triper, if it's possible, one way you could expand the calc's usefulness is by adding a section where you can "Create Your Own Mob" in the Monster simulation at the bottom--similar to how in ROntario, where you input information about an enemy player in PVP/WoE, you could enter in information about the mob that's not implemented in the calc.  If it's possible, of course.


Quote from: CrispyKitten on Oct 03, 2011, 11:20 PM
Omg, I can actually figure out my Atk?  Brilliant.
I actually made it on a rage of "Why can't I see my atk in some random thing without login into a server?! Dmg doesn't satisfy me enough!! RAWR".

Quote from: CrispyKitten on Oct 03, 2011, 11:20 PM
Also, haven't seen that Homun predictor since like, Doddler's first stat calc lmao.  Nice add xD

Actually I found that thing about homun by a mistake. A friend of mine just used to use that old calc for most of the stuff and showed it to me and I found it fun to try to adapt that old code to mine ;X

Quote from: CrispyKitten on Oct 03, 2011, 11:20 PM
Edit:  Triper, if it's possible, one way you could expand the calc's usefulness is by adding a section where you can "Create Your Own Mob" in the Monster simulation at the bottom--similar to how in ROntario, where you input information about an enemy player in PVP/WoE, you could enter in information about the mob that's not implemented in the calc.  If it's possible, of course.
Can do, it isn't really hard, just takes a bit since is the same concept as the pvp thing and I'm having some problems to make it work without errors as one with the pvm. Just don't expect it to be like super fast.
I will add it to the to do list.


Wow I know Triper is pretty resourceful but you just took it to the next level.

Is this using the old iro calculator as a base?  I tend to see different versions of that everywhere but everyone seems to be minding their own thing.  I didn't know about a RORatorio...



Quote from: yC on Oct 04, 2011, 03:28 AM
Wow I know Triper is pretty resourceful but you just took it to the next level.

Is this using the old iro calculator as a base?  I tend to see different versions of that everywhere but everyone seems to be minding their own thing.  I didn't know about a RORatorio...

I'm using a version of Gandi's translation as base which uses as a base the translation made by Doddler from ROratorio's calc so in the end sorta yes xD


All non-renewal mobs added to the calc that I can find at rms non-renewal except Misty Forest since I'm lazy to finish that now. Am I missing a version of Biliban lv 6 and that Giant Octopus mvp map at non-renewal mobs or all is done for now o.O?

Here is the current list of maps that I've in the calc that have monsters[Misty Forest is missing there since I didn't added yet, I know that]:
Missing any map with monsters for non-renewal?


Looks great to me, although I do have one question/suggestion/idea thingy:  Could you add the WoE 2.0 Barricades, Guardian Stones, Guardians, and Emperium to the list?  And the official Battlegrounds Guardians and stones (even though they'd be just like plants)?  Or would that be better suited for the PVP/WoE simulator part?  D:


Barricade and crystals and emps of woe are already there according rms info, I can always add a map called WoE to be easier to spot tho.
From BG I think not, need to check first, but I know that woe guardians are, aren't them the same o.O?


Oh.  Yeah, the BG Guardians are the same as the SE Guardians (are the same as the Thor's Guardians, I believe), so they're prolly already in there.

And yeah, a "WoE" map would be nice, instead of having to pick and peck through all the different maps to find these things.

But I have a question about a "WoE" map:  Wouldn't you have to include the WoE nerfs as well?  Like for ranged attacks and certain skills?


I checked eathena scripts, by default, the guardians are a special version of thors stuff:
id 1950 and 1949
And about reduced dmg i've options to change dmg on monsters according needs so for emp = skills miss, plants get 1 all the time, etc just need to do some fixs about this since "plant type" = 1 dmg from every hit at eathena and not miss and this woe dmg too since dmg isn't being correct from tests ;3
Added colours to elements to make it easier to check info about gears/cards, gonna add to menus too.

*Wonders if will have time to double check every single item to see if everything is in it before the release at the end of the week if possible*


Ok, made some progress on this, after hours of painful check and edits, I've now something to work at 100% without bugs and started to added stuff since adding monsters and cleaning stuff that isn't a general feature and is sorta easy lol
Now here is the bad part, after started to add and check items at rms and at the calc, I see that I've not even made a check in 10% of them so this is going to take a bit~
Daggers are done at 100%, just need to do another check to add a thing probably since my auto-feature doesn't work on a part and I need to add that manually on one by one.
I'm at the moment at headgears and this is painful XD I'd to already add 10 ones and make scripts for everyone -.-
Still here is a preview since I won't end this at the end of tomorrow and I said this week >.< Sorry.
The Earthquake and things related to that[other skills of monsters and I will only add the ones worth to know the dmg players get] aren't yet at 100% so ignore it for now[actually dmg works but gears and skills nop loool].



Looking good, Triper.  Let us know if you need any assistance with something, someone out there might have some decent scripting experience and spare time (maybe lol).

Also, when you're done with this, are you gonna give it to yC to host here on RMS somewhere?  Or will you post this on your own site or something?

P.S.  Why'd you change the Song and Dance names from their iRO names on Wushang to icky kRO names?  ;____;


It's not kRO names, is the eAthena default names[well it's the same in the end] ._. I'm doing all based on eAthena's info and dbs and rms item info. This is a sorta generic calc for pservers and most of them use eAthena names that are the kRO names so I'm basing it on that and the same for the item names.

Dunno, up to yC, if yC wants she can host, I don't mind, I will just zip and release it here anyways, if yC wants later to add it to the rms it isn't me who is against that since this is more of a tool to help people, if I wanted to be just personal I wasn't sharing it neither editing it to be a generic thing.

Well, the part that is missing is mostly the pvp to work as pvm and adding a lot of items that is a time consuming job ): The items part is fine just takes sometime but if someone wants to do the pvp part is just download the pvp calc from gandi's website, add to the pvm, make it work and send me the joined thing and I edit it and add to this one and add your nick/name/whateveryouwantobeshowedatcredits. If someone wants to do that I'm open to accept help since that's the harder part that is missing. The create a monster is missing too but should be easy since is a get the info from monsters and do a select variable thing. Opening to accept someone to do that too to speed up things if someone is up to that =p The items I don't ask help because some people go with personal tastes and I want it to be more general then personal so it's a bit based on dbs and what I saw already in lots of pservers.

PS - If someone that wants to try to help but don't understand html, java, javascript you shouldn't even try and loose your time with that XD You will do the WTF IS THIS?! face and go AI, CARAMBA!!
If someone can read better eathena source then me because I fail, can post here the formula for potion pitcher and slim potion pitcher? It seems that mine is working stupid o.O I can get the same correct values for vit <100 but at > 100 it fails lol


You have it on a domain now?  Do you need hosting space? 

You can talk to me on irc if you need.