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why there's some people who are really desperate to become a GM?

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topic and desc says it XD

yes, why there are some people who really looking to be a GM, even copy and paste ing on every GM recruiting topic they can found. doesn't they know it will make them looks un professional?

I mean...what's so good about being a GM? I know, some people understand this job. but, I think, most people don't know that being a GM is hard. really hard. so, why they really want to be a GM?

For power and to make themselves feel like they're better than other players. Those are usually the corrupted ones, the show off ones, the ones who just want to brag "heeey look at me I gm!" It's my opinion of the "Event/Support GMs" who keep copying and pasting their resumes everywhere...and usually bad ones at that. 

Some people can't open their own server due to laziness or not wanting to read all the guides, so the next best thing is being a GM on someone else's server. Others want to help the server, others just got tired of being a player. But who really knows...

maybe...I can't open my own server too...XD

but at least...I'm not copy paste my resume! =3

I really don't  think there's anything wrong with copying and pasting your resume if you spent a lot of effort typing it up. That's what I did, and probably always will do if I something ever happens to Maelstrom, and I attempt to find a spot on a server. I simply add things if I feel I can offer more than what I'm already offering to begin with to that particular server.

Now, if it's the people you're referring to, where they take the basic Name, Gender, Age, Location, Experience, etc., then I can understand, but like I said, I know, including me, a lot of qualified people who copy and paste resumes they spent awhile typing up and getting ready for the servers they're most interested in. x:

It's a bit more deeper than that.

A feeling of importance and usually appreciate is ensued when become a GM. Becoming someone, whether you're a GM or a really helpful person, both achieve the same importance that all people need and strive for.

Mind you, not everyone will appear appreciative about your work. GMing or becoming a GM is the easier path to gain recognition rather than being a really good PvPer or a forum-whore. Having yourself stand out from the rest is easier said than done and thus there are those who will join any game for the single purpose of popularity or hope to become someone, in whatever aspect.

I think people tend to view things a bit too sadistically or base a reality on personal experience, then again, isn't that what their reality and how they view the world is?

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