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why in my mid rate server so many complain about 75x rate and x20 drop?

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why in my mid rate server so many complain about 75x rate and x20 drop? i think if they choose our server that announced with word "Mid Rate" he should know it.. any idea or suggestion from other master GM? Thx in adv

The conception shaped in your country are heading towards hundred-thousand rates for mid rates  /wah
Even the most populated low rates server you can find there are faster than your server in term level and gearing up
Already tried 75x/50x renewal server there and we got less than 30 people joining  /sob

This is your server, right? Asia Ragnarok Online.

What nationalities are complaining the most? What's the target of your server? For me, it looks like a laid back server for WoE competitors and etc., when you get WoE "competitors" they would complain that its slow and etc.

Mostly Asians read mid rate, they think the rates are the ones for the high rates 1000x-10000x while high rates are from 10000x to the highest.

OT: ggwp, are you the same guy in FableRO?


same here ggwp.. in my server we got less than 20 players .. they always complain about difficulty of drop rate and exp rate..

bad conception of asian :(.. yes that's my server . the natiolities is indonesian,malay,philipin.. they always complain about it... our target is all people who want to join but we focus on asia players...

Its not really a bad concept.. its actually the truth and its kinda sad that many Asians who play Ragnarok are simply lazy and they want to be spoonfed. (Ever noticed why there are a lot of private servers in the high to super high rates that are made by Asians?)

I am a Asian myself, but I barely or never mingle with the people from my area though.


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