Why do you exactly choose THAT name?

Started by ~EXKillA~, Sep 22, 2008, 05:40 AM

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that made me chuckle lmao....

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Frozen RO is suite to it server since it snows almost everywhere :O
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It's not about the name, its what the name represents.

Anyway to have my opinion/comment on first post.

Legend RO => Lack of creativity

System Ro => Maybe they get their name from SIP, or they trying to say they have a solid system, say no bugs, no lags, using excellent host, I guess.

Yggdrasil Online => Yggdrasil is a term/word rarely use, but quite common in RO, so maybe you can say Yggdrasil= main Ragnarok item= represents Ragnarok, in that case is show some sort of "veteraness" (made up the word) about the game. 

FeelRO => Matches their slogan "Can you feel the balance" you can almost say balance server=will get highly populated in these days. I give my thumbs up for their name.

TaROt => Maybe they want to mention "magical" which to them it means server with lots of surprises that would impress the players. and Ta"RO"t have "RO" in the word.

MouRo => Maybe Mou is a name of something or some one, I don't know and I can't be bothered looking it up.

JustRo => Since there's hundreds of private server with names trying to be catchy or cliche, JustRO represents simpleness and further simpleness.

Also-Ro => Same as above, maybe since there's so many private servers they saying "Just another one" Weak name really, you should always try to stand out from the crowd, at least JustRO represents simpleness, but then again maybe "Also-Ro" catchy to some people. But not me.

Chaos-Ro => Strong word, chaos, but again lack of creativity.

Shining Ragnarok Online => Shining=Stands out. Maybe they want to say they stand out from other server, I personally prefer "Shiny" for them, but I guess you get the idea. Not too creative either.

Noob Fury Ro => Maybe since there's tons of noobs in Ragnarok, or any mmorpg I guess, "noobs fury" is like saying the noobs gets "mad" and competitive and maybe they start to play well I guess? Creative I say.

Rated Ro => I guess in this case they want to say their server is "rated" or known as a "good" server. hopefully, but again a name is just a name. I don't find it special.

Again, this is all my guess/opinion/what I get from the name, if I am wrong, I don't care.

As for my server Burn RO, I was stuck with the name, I was the owner behind the scene, my co admin picked the name, then in short, he scam/corrupt, get fired, I took over. Though I am quite happy with the name, and I like the slogan we have, "Where the heart burns to fight" one of my GM came up with it.

Since our server is high rate, its all about PvP, WoE, side from questing, and we have weekly tournaments and many other PvP competition etc. So "burns to fight" really suit us I dare to say.

Just my input in a topic I find very interesting.


Edit: I would like to add, I take off my hat to the name HeRO and the server. "HeRO server" represent being heroic and/or starting your legacy in the server, if I remember correctly, suits it server theme. Not to mention it has very interesting unique features too.

Again, cheers.


I don't like any of those names, and I don't think any of them aptly represent what they're server's about.  And I can't remember correctly, so check me if I'm wrong but, isn't heRO's gears based around a light / dark theme?  I don't think heRO represents it very well.  Unless of course there was a dominant person in the server or maybe if it was plural...  But that's just silly talk. Clever word play none-the-less.

Burn is decent.  At least the slogan matches and you have a similar theme.


Quote from: Scars on Oct 29, 2008, 12:33 AM
Edit: I would like to add, I take off my hat to the name HeRO and the server. "HeRO server" represent being heroic and/or starting your legacy in the server, if I remember correctly, suits it server theme. Not to mention it has very interesting unique features too.

Again, cheers.[/color]
Thanks ^_^

@InFlamesWeTrust yes we have a Light/Dark hero Allegiance, I think it still fits the heroic concept very much, players can be heroic for either side. I guess we could have called it "heroes" with plurar, but singular fits too imo, it represents how everyone starts with the potential to be a hero.

Anyhow, I'm not saying that heRO is an overly original name, it's quite a general concept, but it fits what we try to do with the server.
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I played on a server called JennaRO to(anyone played there PM me :D) named after his girlfriend.


the server i helped set up and admined for a while, was called Ragnarok Crusade Online. and we called it that w/ the idea that i was writing a story called the Ragnarok Crusade. which would also mean Chaos Crusade. it was going to be the full storyline behind our server and we were going to have story quests and npcs in it.

we put thought into our name. i wanted to call it Full metal RO cause i wasnt considering my story, i was writing it as a FanFic.

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And on a side note LegendRo does have a really uncreative name but it's still an awesome server if my memory serves me. I liked that you could use a command called @ss and punch in an item ID to see if any vendors were selling the item you punched the ID of in, where they were, how much they were selling it for, and (if applicable) how much the last one was sold for. Never saw that command on any other servers. But yeah that name is so stick a fork in it it's done and used.
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lol@u you're alive again.  RapeRO ftw.


KissRO. (Keep It Short & Simple RO)

"We Kiss for Fun"

Matches the style 30k/30k/500 rates with 99/70.

Short & Simple leveling and mainly just pvp/woe/mvp.


I named mine a bit different,


Inect Orim Ragnarok Online.

I guess I might have to sit down later and iron out, hammer out, and do a bunch of things.

The name originated from a series of books I'm writing, none of which got passed page 80, (non double-spaced.) many were trashed.

Inect Orim, refers to a place of energy, referencing it to a place, instead of the plane. Inect Orim is recognized as IO. Which is the plane of energy, which holds all material planes in the story, when you refer to a "Planet" a "Dimension" a "Town/City/Country" or even, "Timeline" as a Inect Orim, or IO. It means a place that is flourishing with lively beings, or energy. A flow of mana, and magic. Inect Orim is a word derived from a language that I'm working behind the scenes while I'm working on my stories.

I guess, once I finish working on this panel, I'll write a big introduction story, and create some events and history. Maybe expand some things. A Server with it's own story is very appealing, it was thanks to this topic that I even thought of it. You guys may not like my name, but the name means the origin  of things. And to me, this name well, appeals to "ME".

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Couldn't you just name it after the moon?