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Started by DeAmascus, Nov 05, 2008, 08:33 AM

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You don't realize how much age does play a part in maturity until you do become older.  We did have a GM at the age of 15, almost 16, and that's fine.  However, I would immediately reject an application from some 9 year old, I don't care how mature they think they are.  A minimum age requirement, of any sort, should be stated.  Otherwise you'll get a bunch of power abusing 9 year old GM's running a muck on your server.


=P but for some, its easy to act mature,
i like acting the way i do here because i find it fun =3

but if the need does come up, I can at least act mature for a certain occasion that may need me to, so i don't think its exactly about age
i mean its clear that anyone under the age of 10 isn't going to be pretty mature, but i mean sometimes an 11 year old can act more mature then a 25 year old.

oh and just as a funny example, i was once on a server where the entirety of the 18+ aged players where about as mature as 5 year old's XD


Honestly, it all depends on the people themselves. I like to just watch them around, or "stalk" as I would prefer it. If anyone has a problem with it, too bad..they'll live. I don't usually come up to the first person I "personally" know and then Hire them just because I know them. I look at others as well. Give it a week or so before picking my GM's, then announcing them afterwards. Though, you still have to pay attention to them, or at least have someone else watch them. /ok 
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Please note:
We have high standards, so what works for you and your server may not work for us and our server.  Where your standards are set is something only you can decide and for your own reasons.

The first step is always to gather as much information as possible, and certainly basic information (name, gender, age, location, MSN, e-mail, language, experience, reasons for applying).  It has never been our experience that younger GM's have ever been able to maintain our standards for a level of maturity on a regular basis.  An older person can act immature, but a younger person can't maintain level of maturity we require on a constant basis.  Kids are kids, if you hire kids and get immature GM's, it's your own fault.  Same goes for hiring people you haven't seen working out an internship process to be tested.  You get what you work for, and we work hard.

Don't take my statements personal because they are not directed at any specific person and what works for us my not be your style or choice, and you're entitled to your own opinion either way.


Everyone has to get their start somewhere. But most of the time, they're "event gms" with little to no knowledge of how things work. Other than @item.

Age to me doesn't really apply, the best server I was ever on was run by a parternship of a 13 year old admin an his 16 year old cousin who turned out to be much more reliable than 18+ year olds who were more corruptable. The server reached a population of around 200 before a WoE bug killed the server. Trib (the 13 year old) was extremely mature for his age in public chat, but in guild chat on his secret legit, he was just like any other player on the server. Except that he sucked horribly in WoE.

Larger servers like Zairik's doesn't have the leyway that smaller ones have. Him and his players have higher expectations so he can't take chances or screw up with a bad GM, unlike most other pservers.
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I dislike young players as GMs.  I do admit that some appear more mature than others, but most of the time I find it hard to talk to someone when they can't understand, barely have experience and knowledge in dealing with certain situations, and are not capable of composing a good résumé due to their age.

Better yet,  I don't want hinder their sleeping schedule or their school life by their role as a GM.  They'll probably do some sort of excuse or have barely any knowledge in doing anything else to help the server aside from being an event/bot hunter GM.
However, if I were to be uncaring for them, I must say, they do have a lot of time compared to older GMs.

As to hiring GMs,  I wouldn't normally hire a player from my server to take on the roll of a GM.  I would only hire them if they're willing to contribute and forget their legit.  If not, then there's no chance of anyone being a GM, it's too risky if I won't be there to monitor their actions.

I'd hire GMs with a strong bold attitude that implies to player that they mean business but still nice and helpful since they don't mind helping. 

Basically, my requirements for a professional GM team would be this:

Strong bold attitude that shows they are not bias.
Does not have a legit character in the server.
Is willing and has a good goal for the server due to personal achievements similar to mine.
Is mature and experienced enough to handle many situations in the server.

Has a skill that is needed to improve the server.
Active in their role or job and won't go MIA.
They must enjoy their jobs, or else, I'd question them why they're here to even begin with.
Some other things that I'm probably missing but don't care about right now.

Age does not matter, especially if I don't know them well enough since I could tell everyone here that I'm 6. Because of that, I just look at how they talk to me and how well they can handle their powers and attitude toward the players.


I like Poki's job describtion of what he looks for in a GM. It lists specifics on what qualitys a good one should have. Althrough I somewhat disagree on the no legit part, mainly because if a change is made involving WoE/PvP, one of the first things players usually shout is that the GMs don't play the server to know it. =\
I cannot quench your thirst
Because even if you yearn for the truth, you refuse to believe in it.

I cannot quench your thirst
Because no such truth exists that you are in anticipation for.

But I still want to quench your thirst.
Because I am the one the that put you into the desert.


Yeah, I can see what you mean by that Hanyuu.  Though, couldn't that easily be solved by having certain people (including myself if I want to) just monitor WoE as well as PvP every so often?  Plus, suggestions could be made on the forums.

I do suppose that having a person know the server as a GM is helpful, but I might as well be that person and let GMs stay long enough to know what is happening and get use to the server.  That's where the GM must have dedication.  If they aren't willing to understand and be active enough to get along with the server or just know what the server's community and challenges are like, then I guess the person isn't cut out to be a GM on the server, right? Well... at least on my dream server, haha!

Whatever the case, there's a lot of reason and opinions about this legit character thing.  I think I'm just going to back away on it.  There's plenty of debates done on it already and they're all just opinions being said over and over again, haha.



Asaka, this is a discussion thread, not an application thread.

It is hard to find good GMs these days. I believe young GMs are fine (I would say at least grade 7 or up). People can lie easily in their applications which makes it more difficult for a server to progress.
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The thread's two years old. Let it die :(
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there's no right age. just as the other said, it's all about the attitude and of course the capability of the person.