Why do you exactly choose THAT name?

Started by ~EXKillA~, Sep 22, 2008, 05:40 AM

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Read this befor go on reading:
this thread is not supposed to push down other servers, im jus wondering....

Its now my 70min school break and im looking through the server lists of RMS
and i saw that many servers with all kinds of name....

I always thought you choose a name because it fits the server and that you can see ingame why the server is called like that  ???

i mean Oo look at my server

Ecchi-RO (old name Porn-RO  ::) )

Explanation of the word Ecchi-Ro

we have choosen our name because we have 2 clients, one client got the normal ragnarok style and the second client got the special style where all classes are going to be naked (note: ONLY naked and nothing more).

and now i saw servers like....

Legend RO => whats so legendary about that server? normal server, with normal features, nothing what could be legendary

System Ro => whats the system there Oo every game got a system right?

Yggdrasil Online => lol when i saw this name i imagined everyone running around wiht yggdrasil style or maintown in yggdrasil place *could be a nice idea*

FeelRO => i thought: "WTF how can you feel that?" are they giving you electroshocks when a monster kills ya?

nja there are much more names which  have often no sense

like TaROt, MouRo, JustRo, Also-Ro, Chaos-Ro, Shining Ragnarok Online, Noob Fury Ro, Rated Ro

i really wonder why they have choosen that name ~~ i would never choose a name just for fun or just because it sounds nice...
only Names where players can say like in my server "thats really ecchi (sexy, hentai etc bla bla) here"

what do you think why they choose their names?

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Sadly it is quite apparent that -most- server owners do not really put any thought into what their servers name is, and just go with something that sounds cool.

Most names aren't even unique anymore and are used over and over again (Chaos, Dark and generally any name that has anything to do with evilness or implied satanism).

Basically, admins / owners want people to look at their name and say "OH EM GEE! THAT SOUNDS SOO COOL" and not question what the story behind the name is.

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yeah but what....

lets take an Emo for excample *rofl* want to play ChaosRo or DarkRo Oo and then he see no chaos or nothing dark

i mean i would expect from ChaosRo a story of chaos and explosions.... like burned prontera style, everything burned, burned grass, bloody water

and in darkro for excample only night, everything in dark colors ~~

kind of a mean thing calling something chocolate candy when there is no chocolate in at all T_T
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You have to remember, though, not every name is going to have a solid-in-your-face-this-is-what-it-means name. You have to think hard with some names, because some servers use the name as theoretical symbols. I've come across a lot of servers who's names don't stand for a certain theme, but for a certain meaning, which in all honesty, seems a lot more promising than a server with a set theme.

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I agree some names make no sense at all, might as well call it wtfRO xD

For our server we had a huge brainstorming session, I wanted to call the server LoveRO, wanting to make a cute server that would appeal to girls a lot or romantic people in general, there was gonna be cute little love porings and matchmaking npc, custom wedding, etc.... sadly the starting team (all real life friends) was composed of myself (girl), another girl and 4 guys, and the guys didn't like the idea at all, so that idea was quickly brought down T_T

After 2 weeks of discussion that was going nowhere, we finally agreed upon heRO wanting to explore the "heroic" theme, even if it's kinda common in most rpg. I brought forth the Allegiance Light VS Dark system and how we would make the server storyline revolve around that and finally we all agreed. So all in all I think our name fits our server even if the concept is perhaps simple ^_^
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nice idea of LoveRO if we 2 were friends i would have helped you :D *im a girl too*

<3 my friends with whom i made the server had the idea of pron-ro ^.~ nja i only thought it was funny at the first place but then when we started doing the sprites and stuff it went to real stuff
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I played pornro a little before, mostly for the lulz of the nekkid sprite, for doing some spriting myself I know it's long and tiresome to make whole classes, so kudos to you guys.

I wonder if LoveRO would have been popular ^_^;
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haha wow, I actually thought everyone was blind when it came to the server name of the server they played at...I mean if you go on eA board or go look in the RMS server advertising board you will see some crazy names like...soap?RO and etc...I never understood why every admin had to make their server name end with "RO" like don't get me wrong or anything something like "heRO" makes sense since its actually a word, but names like teaRO ...blindRO ...likeRO......roflRO (there is a server like this...go check it out)  are just stupid since all they do is take a random word and stick...RO to the end of it >_>  ...thats why I decided to make mine different and get rid of this.."RO" on the end of a name fad...and decided to call it Ragnarok Saga ( this name took me 1 month to come up...me and staff had a list of at least 20+ unique names xD)


cause after all the drama, I still slain em.

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@Shinn:  Eh I don't get why "HeRO" makes sense to you but BlindRO/TeaRO/LikeRO does not lol,  Oh I get it "HERO" But still o.O


Well hero is a word so it fits in the name  ;D, as for all those other somethingRO servers well they follow the same naming convention as the official servers i guess: iRO (International), kRO (Korean), etc., but at least the official name stand for something, the country/area they are aimed at.
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Eremes Guile

Pandora, you shouldn't stop the matchmaking thing etc, i promise you that it will help a lot. /ok

@Mewi - Play the server and you would know.


Original link:

I found some images of my old character from other servers that I based the server name on (as far as style, I used the dark blindfold more often than the sunglasses - I only used sunglasses for the slot advantage):

Here are the screenshots of pre-ScytheRO (ErikRO, my name, just because it asked for a name in the configuration). This is where I started to actually test out what I could do with eAthena servers, and what I could customize. Those other people in the screenshot are either clones or @autotrade extra accounts just because I got bored while local hosting (accessible only through the computer it's being hosted on, meaning no one else could connect because it wasn't setup to allow more people yet):
It wasn't used for ScytheRO, but that's how I started working with eAthena.

And here are a bunch of old ScytheRO screenshots:

Here are some screenshots of the first ScytheRO Customs:

A slideshow from a long time ago that would actually be just as useful today:

And just my theory but this is probably one of the main reasons the community grew so fast:
The main areas were a lot smaller making it feel like there were more people than there actually were so it gave it a nice feel. Eventually we out grew that small area we called the Control Center "cc".

ScytheRO started February 22nd, 2007.

ErikRO was pre-ScytheRO, I worked on it about two months basically using it as a test server before I started a real one. Dakota (aka Caboose) at one point hosted ErikRO, this was before Scryed started hosting. A lot of previous guildmates of mine were the first ScytheRO players.

The same day we started hosting with Scryed we started with a clean installation of eAthena and I came up with the name ScytheRO, based on my "White Scythe" character name and guild of the same name from other servers. The "White Scythe" guild had four total guilds with over 250 active players, I ran the main one and had the other leaders report to me as we did weekly guild events and decided what to do within the guild. We still use the original guild emblem for our staff guild as I did back when I used the "White Scythe" guild name.


names names names =o
to me a name is nothing more then what to call it, what to identify it by basically

but i also use names for another purpose, to tell me something about it XD
if its named like fluffly bunny RO i'm going to expect it to be cute =3 (i'd love that name btw)
its ifs name like feel RO i dunno i guess i'd expect it to feel like the original RO
something like sycthe RO i guess i'd expect to be fast pace and scary XD


when i read the word ScytheRO

i always thought there would be a mass of those scythe effects NPCs oO

you know
just without pigs Oo

like a scary ragnarok game :) lots of death scythe effect npcs and you could have an aura which looks like that and so on :D
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I think scythe means you'll get scythe effect? XD

for me...name is...some ways to figure out a server...example...if there's a server named loveRO...I would expect that all things on that server related to love/heart XD

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