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Why Be A Game Master?

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So I'm curious, why do people want to be Game Masters?
I mean whats the real appeal to it?

Do people just want the power? Possible fame? Or what?

no s***, obviously fame. iz liek y u a mod JJJ? right? xD

I kid I kid, I don't know JJJ I think it's simply because they feel like they are fit for that job in hopes that some day...some day that their un-corrupted minds and great event hosting abilities will bring the server to fame.

But really if I was asked "heyz shin y u GM?" I would say "making my players happy makes -me- happy"
::) ::)


The moderator possition I hold on Aeon was not one I'd asked for. It was something that I just sort of ended up with as a result of being heavily involved with the plots we have running on the server.

I certainly don't regret it. I love being a mod. I don't have a lot of power, sure, but I get to do a lot of the fun things like effects and the like. Disguises ... I suppose the reasons everyone has for being a GM or a mod are different.

My responce to it would have to be the same as Shinn's. I love my job because it helps to keep the server active, and it makes the players happy. And that gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. Plus, it's an awful lot of fun to goof off and disguise players as silly monsters.  /heh

for me:

because I love the server so much that I want to help the server ;D

Head Monocle of DOOM:

--- Quote from: Littlechan on Dec 20, 2008, 08:24 pm ---for me:

because I love the server so much that I want to help the server ;D

--- End quote ---
Quoted for truth and agreement.


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