Why Be A Game Master?

Started by Guest, Dec 20, 2008, 02:02 PM

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Never heard of volunteer work/charity?


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Quote from: _M_ on Jun 29, 2009, 12:38 PM
Never heard of volunteer work/charity?

On the Internet?


Being a GM takes a greater responsibility.
And if a person believes they can take on that responsibility and do their best and not be corrupt, the real question would be: Why not be a GM?

-Helping people makes you feel good.
-Helping the server and bringing up its reputation is also an added plus!
Try RevillusionRO!

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Helping people and making people happy are the only benefits I see to doing this. And one could do that by volunteering at a soup kitchen (which is actually closer to an act of charity than running an RO server, in response to an earlier comment).
* Hutchy shrugs

I guess it's one of those things I'll never understand.


For the fun of it of course also to release some of that boredom. Why else?


To me it's a nice learning experience. I do quite some scripting and editing for my server and when I started as a GM, I knew basically nothing about it. It's fun to learn new things and to expand your possibilities, to figure out something new all the time. When I started scripting, I made a simple headgear script to bring items and get a headgear as a reward while shortly ago I made a dynamic ET-like game. It's really rewarding to finally see a script that you've worked on for a while in action and to see people enjoy it.

Sure, there are a lot of whiners and a******, but I suppose dealing with these kind of players teaches you to keep your cool more often. Plus, helping 1 person who is grateful easily makes up for 2 ungrateful players.



To be famous, have fun, you get bored being a player so now you wanna try being a gm


Someone said something about training GMs to do coding,  but I highly disagree.  Keep the GMs and Developers separate and your server will be better for it :\ trust me.

Becoming a GM means you sacrifice a part of your soul forever, be prepared.


Why? Well, a lot of people have different reasons. Here are some and are not mine-
1) Because they like fame/fortune if @item is a command. (Gold Coins)
2) To spam @kill/@nuke players they don't like. (I dislike these)
3) To have more rights and power over players (I also dislike these, they usually treat player with disrespect)
4) (Mine) Is to help a server's community grow, and to help players in need. ( I always treat my players with respect and kindness, isn't that our job here?)
I have more, but I'm keeping it simple. Now for the Pro's and Con's of being a GM.

1) They usually have a cool aura to lets the players know that their a GM.
2) Most can disguise themsleves and monsters. (Perfect for hide n' seek events)
3) most can hold events to entertain the community.
4) They have more @commands than players.
5) Players always asks them questions. ;)

1) Sometimes we get harrassed by banned people on alts. (This is why I usually IP Ban)
2) Somtimes we get spammed questions (I use /exall when this happens, sometimes were busy people!)
3) Sometimes we get spammed/and or harrassed by people who want to be GM's. (We have app's for GM spots, so please let us know there)
4) Sometimes we get harrassed by people who didn't win a event we hosted. (I just @mute~!)

And thats all I can think of atop of my head.

Ready to help, anytime.

All players I use have an X. (e.g.- SisiX)
Use that to find me.

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Why do people want to be GM's? Power. If you let Random Priest #2357 become a GM, first thing She/He'll do will ban someone who's offended them. Then probably make awsome gear for themselves. Then screenshot. After they get banned for banning, they can tell themselves "Well, I got what I always wanted". and never play RO again.

Why did I GM? Police work/noobie question answerer/general player-bace helper. Only people who have the temper of a High Priest can Admin aster a server effectively. (To deal with all the "OMG why bannsss? It my brother?" or "Can I have a favor?")

And again, if your uncorrupted enough, being a GM knows that your nice playerbace will start recommending people, until you have a donator bace. And who dosen't like running a server for free? (Of course, this almost never happens....)


#1 reason - @disguise
#2 reason - @size

You know its true.


Quote from: Orange on Aug 21, 2009, 10:23 PM
#1 reason - @disguise
#2 reason - @size

You know its true.

@changesex  mmm fun to do...
Quote from: CuTeBoi on Sep 04, 2009, 02:24 PM
  Will the donors complain? maybe, but they aren't what run my network, I run it, and so does my blood and sweat.


Here's one reason you probably haven't heard before: It's similar to having a job.

You take it all in; the fact that you can't please everyone. How to balance keeping your customers/players and your boss/owner happy. These and other things are real life facts about having a job that you will not learn by simply sitting in a classroom. The drama, the chaos and how to have the integrity (or give up) in still doing your job despite of it.

The only downside; you don't get paid for it. :/