who supports me to return ro shockwave or one like it agan

Started by Jaipower, Sep 06, 2009, 10:30 AM

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who supports me to return ro shockwave or one like it agan.

for those who did not recognize it was a server who sold you all the cards, armor, weapons and all items of ro and also had wings, hats and custons weapons for sale and had his own custon mvp and pvp room was excellent. :'(


Don't do it.

Personally, it seems to me like you couldn't handle running a server.


I think if he tells us what client he needs to have customs, he has a chance.






Why don't you let a dead server stay dead? Didn't shockwave come back once already As "CombatCookieRO" and Fail.

-1 Support for this idea.

Make your own server instead of trying to pick up were another server owner clearly left off at. You already know its not gonna be the same as the old Shockwave RO So why try.


I did ask to keep this thread clean and mature.., don't go there by bypassing the filter + calling people names.

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I hope someone sees this post and create an identical server unless I myself ordain and alert them immediately thanks for your support.  :)


the shockwave copy's still alive though. they changed their name to never ending ro. But if I were you a server like shockwave would be seriously bad because it would be a solely PVP server, and if it's a PVP server there would be more idiots and trolls.


QuoteWhatever floats your boat.


@freakyred: good no matter what you think I q and I have the freedom like everyone to create a server either the only or last if you do not jugaras intereza me after that if you want to play to have fun is what counts I the server are also to amuse myself I pay the host or admin sere not think that's a hassle for you.


dude you copied LaoRO, GenocideRO, InsomniacRO, any server with all [4] and card sellers and item sellers sucks, because they nerf every single card, the only original cards are like mimic card, hydra card and that stuff. And Shockwave RO sucked, besides the main town being Gonryun
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