Whats the worse excuse some1 told you for flaming/bashing.

Started by devilsnevercry, Jul 29, 2009, 12:25 PM

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So yeah post the funniest or most stupid reason you were told by a player or heard a player say as to why they flamed/bashed somebody over and over.

GM says:
so my point is why have you flamed me time and time again
when "admin name" has cleared my name
and told it to stop
Explain that
Player says:
That is something i cant say. its aginst my life problem
GM says:
Well then enjoy a ban
Player says:
not that way
GM says:
Sorry if you cant explain yourself
Player says:
i mean
it got so intence
that it came to my life as in
if i tell u what happened
u will laugh
GM says:
There is no reason after being told from "admin name" to stop, and him clearing my name for you to continue
Player says:
am not continueing coz my work was done and now am free but if u would know the reason or anyone
would laugh
GM says:
I would try explaining in your shoes, otherwise i will talk to "Admin name" about this, and its not looking good
Player says:
its like some guy hated u on this RO and...
and he stole my 50k real cash credit card when my parents wer gone out and he him self is police
and he made me say all this
am living alone at home
and if my parents know it got stolen i will be screwed
he made me right this and told will give it to me tomoro
he has my parents 50k
dont tell this in Open i dont want anyone to know
GM says:
so give me the name of the player that hates me, otherwise your in some deep trouble
PLayer says:
so deep that i would lose my PC my GF LOL and my Internet everything mostly i hate the part lose GF LOL
O_O its like my parents would throw me out of the house lol
GM says:
lol, no reason for why you flamed and harassed me, Now that your "reason" is made clear and its a relatively bad reason, I will inform "admin name", and he will deal with it.
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"I do it for the lulz"

Seriously, we got a player who said that, although he wasn't exactly flaming, he more or less just spammed a lot on @main and he used to pick up fights with other players who were annoyed by his behavior.
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"I didn't mean to do it"

Honestly, I @nuke'd the person after they said that one. How can you NOT mean to do something?


One time this chump told me he was insulting me for "justice". Lol, get back in your hole, rabbit, this aint EASTER.


"you hitted my mob"

it was in a gold room on an SHR. I accidentally hit his mob with spread attack and he killed my mob so I asked him why he did that and he freaked out on me O.o



"He Ksed my MVP"

For those who don't know all MVP's are FFA (Free Game)


I did ask to keep this thread clean and mature.., don't go there by bypassing the filter + calling people names.

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Surely everyones heard something very similar to this now, My favorite so far-

Oh wait, s***, I was drunk. LOL.


My guild mate, who I regret giving expel powers expelled someone in my guild and this was his excuse =D

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"He confessed to me and he won't marry me now!"

this was not when I was a GM, but still, he got banned. I didn't think gay exists in private servers.



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"I didn't think gay exists in private servers"
LOL That's a good one hahaha.

"That was a flame?  I was just being normal."

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