What does "GM" really mean to you?

Started by Mewi, Feb 07, 2008, 01:02 PM

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Quote from: yC on Feb 17, 2008, 08:29 PM
General Manager as always, manager of the server.  of course.
That sounds more like the Admin rather than the GM's.


xD but admin seems to have a more clear and distinct meaning behind its name

GM seems to be more... confused at times


To me GM means...

oh god, time to work and listen to complaints =p


Game Independent Technical reassuring lean reversed phalanx Master


 ;D ;)"GM"?? what does it mean to me??
well all i can say, if we said GM, first come into my mind is the "Game-Master"
ofcourse, the GM provide all knowledge that we want when playing all kind of games specially,, they make lot of things possible in this game, more excitement when they start making an event,
and the most infortant things, The GM shows you how become a more competitive than other,
for me as a player, i can say that im just a weak, :-[ but! because of the GM, im always fight just to reach the maximum of the other, my game-dream is to become a powerful, a great player,,but that is the biggest challenge that the GM telling me to become without making any conversation with me, but through their events,, like WOE, etc.
That's the GM stands for me a player 8) ::) ;D
gudluck ;) ;D :D



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As a GM, it kinda feels like a job but I also want the server I'm working for to be known and grow, so it's worth it.


Global mother ?  ;D


If I offended you, too bad.


When you use GM in most servers it can refer to many different things but the first to pop up is "Game Master"
It can mean:
Game Master
Guild Master
Guild Member
Guy/Girl Masterbating
All are acceptional versions


to me it either means Global Moderator, Guild Master(or GL for Guild Leader), or Game Master.


My writting is a bit cuckoo/cracked,soo please dont get mad at me with my writing if it is very bad
cause this aint EXAM with 350 word or watever
it is chit-chat soo chill out ^^


Two Words.

Good Man. :P Lmfao.

Game Master ov'course.


I agree with the one above that said it may be something like a Game Moderator :) someone who makes sure the balance of rules and regulations is maintained but at the same time provides a balance between events and other things for players :)
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I feel the wiki page holds my view pretty well: