What does "GM" really mean to you?

Started by Mewi, Feb 07, 2008, 01:02 PM

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i would personally think that the term GM is "Global Moderator" as it is in the forum. it would be the same, more or less
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"GM" = Gee em.

I think that's the prefix for "GM".


Grand Ma....
Godly Manipulator...

as far as i know.
GM - game master - person who is in charge for the life of a server, maintaining the server. they must also know how to play, have experience in the game so they understand what to do if there are players giving any complaint or suggestion about the server.


uhmm .. maybe .. GM for me is ..

1. They always make fun of me ..

that's why i agree to the person who said GM means Game Manipulator .. ahaha .. lolx


Hi, GM for me is ....

Get Money :P

Like, you get alot of donation right? :P

Well, actually, I didnt take my GMing very serious before, but lately it kinda changed for me.
So I guess, GM is very important role in the game and well, you have to be "fair" to all =)


Quote from: Lai on Sep 15, 2008, 09:33 AM
Hi, GM for me is ....

Get Money :P

Like, you get alot of donation right? :P

are you telling about yourself? :P

for me...GM is...someone who can help us with the game xD

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I would have liked it to mean Game Mediator, as in a mediator between the admin and the players.

a negotiator who acts as a link between parties
one that works to effect reconciliation, settlement, or compromise
between parties at variance
one who intervenes between two persons who are at variance, with a view to reconcile them.

But now I simply refer to my GM's as "staff".


GM means Game Monster :O or does it >.>....why's it GM...why not GE or....GP???
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What's GE or GP suppose to mean?


GM.  Game Master, from its original origins as "Dungeon Master".  In the end?  The one who has the final say in -any- situation is the ruler of the gaming world, the Game Master.  Of course, that comes with it responsibilities - abusing that power, just like for a DM in a D&D game, leads to unhappy players and a termination of the game.  But they're still the people who decides what can happen and what simply cannot be allowed to occur; who gets to play and who doesn't; what is implemented in the world and what isn't.  You are the master of the game, and have all the powers connected to that title; as well as the responsibility.

With that said, the server I "GM" at uses the term ST instead.  It stands for "Storyteller".  As the server is heavily (massively) Roleplaying focused... the primary role of the GM is supposed to be to tell the story of the world to the player through NPC encounters, writing, and events.  We still fulfill all the roles of a GM [especially in the sense I outlined above]; but we chose the name change to be something more unique to our server and the focus on Roleplaying as opposed to being just another MMORPG.




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Or are we not doing evil today?  ;D


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Quote from: yC on Feb 17, 2008, 08:29 PM
General Manager as always, manager of the server.  of course.
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