Vanguard (Elecom Shield 3): Bypass and GRF Decryption

Started by Zone, Feb 04, 2010, 10:01 PM

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Since I was sent a message with a url to a post made by the makers of Elecom Shield claiming that I was posting information that was baseless and was harming their sales.

Reference url!8AB1DFD374276C25!883.entry

So, since my post was baseless, I'm going to go ahead and post this here topic in OpenKore's forums on how to bypass their latest development "Vanguard".

I can't find the topic that I saw that elecom shield 2 was cracked in, but I don't need that.
This right here is enough proof. Now, to comment on his remarks.

QuoteTo Zone, the "Administrator of V-Shield" -
There's an old Chinese proverb saying "the water in the well wouldn't mess with the water in the river". Your baseless criticisms to boost your sales and popularity have been monitored in our systems. We've chose not to comment on the design of your software, to avoid being ranked on the same level as you. If don't mind being made fun by the public, please leave your criticisms untouched to let everyone on the Internet to enjoy it.

Baseless, see above. This criticism was made to warn others, not because I wanted to boost sales. Just to note, zapbomb had offered me money from his sales, and I refused them because all I was doing was putting the word out. According to zapbomb, somewhere in the logs I no longer have, he proclaimed me to be the only VShield Admin other than himself, because he didn't trust anyone else. I don't know if you really received those messages, or if they were even really from zapbomb, but if you did and they were from him, it could be because he wanted to collab with you, and didn't want to look bad because I have no problem telling s*** how it is.

I'd also like to state that zapbomb and I have been out of contact since he had me remove my advertisement for VShield, probably so he could work on this Vanguard.
Just a note though, you can bypass Vanguard without using anything OpenKore releases. I'm not going to say how, because I know someone is going to try to say this and that about it and oh that won't work, and the makers of Vanguard will want to find a way to stop that kind of bypassing, even though they'd have to restrict the user's computer usage to the point where they couldn't even use a mouse and keyboard to play the game.

QuoteJust ignore him, he is not an official VShield representative, only self-proclaimed. I am the only person developing VShield. If you want we both can submit a PM to the RMS admin asking to remove that topic. Hope this doesn't cause any problems in between us.
I wasn't an official VShield Rep, yet I was getting emails from users asking for VShield via the email address used to forward emails to the both of us? And I was listed by him as the VShield admin? It is correct to say I didn't develop any of Vshield, I was the one who would find ways around it and give him the information to stop the applications from working against VShield. I was supposed to be the VShield Admin to take care of server administration, client processing, etc and zapbomb would be coding the software. As for removing that topic, that topic wouldn't be removed on the basis that there is no reason to. I had proof then about it, there were loads of posts about users being in game on certain servers being able to log in, but not move just yet. This topic takes the cake though.

Now, what makes me say zapbomb is working with Elecom?

Around 0:20 you'll see ban by hardware ID, which he and I discussed, and he had implemented.
Before we had put that out to the public, no one had that as an idea or had done it.
So either zapbomb is working with Elecom on Vanguard, or they have taken his ideas to use them for their own software.

In closing, this goes to show you that I don't blow smoke out of my donkey. I research before I comment, USUALLY. And when it comes to something like that, trust me, I'll get proof so no one can say a damn thing about it. Also, since Vanguard is being bypassed and supported by OpenKore, I strongly suggest not wasting your money on their product. Regardless of what fixes they may make, there will always be a way around it until they restrict usage of the pc using the software can't do anything but use a touch screen monitor and force fullscreen. At which point, no one will want it.



Gotta love the "shhhhh" tactic.

If your software is trash, you're going to get called out. If you can't do what you are claiming to your customers that your product does, you should be called out.

This is what, $300-$350 a pop? What's the point of charging that much if it's not as "secure" as their advertisements claim.

Good on ya, Zone.

Ramen Noodles

Very nice Zone.   I don't think you blow smoke out your donkey >_>



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I don't think you blow smoke out your donkey >_>

He does other things with it.

Shut-up Roane. It's mine. /gg

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