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A player who had already planned to quit,  had been trying to provoke the GMs all day on @main,  Got a 5 minute mute for spamming the word "SPAM" after the female GM told another player not to spam @main with B> messages, female GM gave the player typing "SPAM" and then after his 5 minute mute was up,  spammed about the female GM on @main 10-20 times in full capitols saying she was a wh*re sucking the admins ****... is going to stop with an additional mute and jail?

Edit:  Also, what punishment would you suggest ( if false ) after he spammed such vulgar language.   ( if true ) what punishment would you of chosen after they spammed such vulgarity?

First a long mute, like 12 hours (after said warnings already). After that a temp ban. If they still don't stop, perma ban.

Eradicate them. They don't deserve another mute; they were already warned and muted, they proceeded to start again as soon as they got the chance. This person was fully aware of what they were doing; ban them.

3 Day ban after the warnings and mutes. If they ban evade, perma IP ban.

Already happened on my own server once, the person obviously was just there to annoy people, banned from server forever.

Banned, tarred and feathered.

People like that need some sort of smack across the face.  I've known a few servers that would post the IP, email, account name, etc in a ban thread dedicated to idiots like that.


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