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Started by Mewi, Apr 05, 2010, 01:47 PM

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A player who had already planned to quit,  had been trying to provoke the GMs all day on @main,  Got a 5 minute mute for spamming the word "SPAM" after the female GM told another player not to spam @main with B> messages, female GM gave the player typing "SPAM" and then after his 5 minute mute was up,  spammed about the female GM on @main 10-20 times in full capitols saying she was a wh*re sucking the admins ****... is going to stop with an additional mute and jail?

Edit:  Also, what punishment would you suggest ( if false ) after he spammed such vulgar language.   ( if true ) what punishment would you of chosen after they spammed such vulgarity?


First a long mute, like 12 hours (after said warnings already). After that a temp ban. If they still don't stop, perma ban.


Eradicate them. They don't deserve another mute; they were already warned and muted, they proceeded to start again as soon as they got the chance. This person was fully aware of what they were doing; ban them.
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People offering paid services may or may not be screwing you over, depending on the product. Web designers? There's quite a good few out there; many take time to do their work, and charge quite a bit as a result. Just be sure you're not getting someone elses' website, rebranded for quick cash. If you hire someone to do things such as install customs for you, give up running a server. You're wasting time and letting someone take advantage of your stupidity.

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3 Day ban after the warnings and mutes. If they ban evade, perma IP ban.

Already happened on my own server once, the person obviously was just there to annoy people, banned from server forever.


Banned, tarred and feathered.

People like that need some sort of smack across the face.  I've known a few servers that would post the IP, email, account name, etc in a ban thread dedicated to idiots like that.  Agharta Dev - for your mapping and scripting needs  Project Deimos - an upcoming roleplaying server.

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You are the female admin right


Quote from: Anti-Static Foam Cleaner on Apr 06, 2010, 01:00 AM
You are the female admin right

I am trying to keep this as unbias as I possibly can,  I wont say anything.  please say what action you would choose.  :3


So that would be a yes.

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First offense mute him/her for 10 minutes
Second offense jail him/her for 1 day
Third offense permanent ban.


You can refer to the list of your punishments in your server if you have one imo.


Perm ban, instantly. Retards just deserve perm bans.
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Quote from: RevenantThey don't deserve another mute; they were already warned and muted, they proceeded to start again as soon as they got the chance. This person was fully aware of what they were doing; ban them.

That already says it. This is the point where you need to decide what's more important: quantitiy or quality.


If after mutes the person hasn't gotten the message, a temp ban of 1 day + apology required usually does the trick. If they are too proud to apologize then the account stays ban (happens most of the time), if they still want to play they calm down and apologize.
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Yeah,  I got "fired" from that GM job. ( even though I quit... they say I was fired lol ) For punishing two player(s) who were frequent rule offenders, and had been punished by other GMs INCLUDING the admin! HA.  For spamming, making guild emblem with "GM" tag in it,  vulgar language, etc...

And why?

Because they were "causing drama"  oh no,  I mean,  my punishing them, caused drama so it was "my fault" because they complained about my 30 minute mute.  That punished player made a "Fire Mewi thread"  ,  got all their friends to vote (  most of them that quit long ago before I was GM lol ) and the second Admin, pulling the strings in the backround, whom has clearly no actual GM experience.  To "kick me out"  because my doing my job, as a RULES ENFORCER,  was causing "drama" with the same two people, who kept breaking the rules?  Irony? or Conspiracy?

Note:  He also tried to have me fired, cause I banned sarynade.   Almost like there was some sort of vendetta going on there.

Just goes to show,  trolls always win if you are a lowly GM.  Trolls are like server terrorists to me lol.  I swear, if I'm not running the server,  then it's not going anywhere -.-  Or maybe it's because I keep trying to GM newer servers that thrive on Anarchists?

To all new admins,  the customer isn't always right.  Stop using servers as your own personal dating services.  ( this is to all new admins of any server )

*Rant Over*


Are you moving to be an admin on another server now?


Banned of course  :)
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If the player was already in the process of quitting and was just out to be a **** by hanging around to cause trouble in game I would just go for the the straightforward approach of the permaban.
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It should go something like this:

Player - HI GM!
GM - *Perma IP ban*

Have a nice day!
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I like how you think.


should have sanctions like:
excessive talking/messaging using @main
*1st attempt- 1 hour mute
*2nd -6 hours
*3rd - 12 hours or maybe just ban him/her


Well, a player in the process of quitting wants to troll because he'll leave the server anyway. I believe it doesn't matter what sanction should be meted out but I agree with all other people. Doing 3-4 steps of punishments o/


My server dont have found this kind of player yet.. But just noob player keep asking to leveling him.. I dont mind leveling him with @spawn monster.. But what make me mad is he ask me to leveling till him level 99? So.. my action is just leave him be.. I just help till he change job into 2nd class only..

And for this case.. My suggestion is :

1- Give warning Nicely.
2- Give Warning..
3- Temp Mute..
4- Jail
5- Temp Ban
6- Perm Ban..


I would start with a warning.
1. Mute for 30 minutes
2. Mute for 12 Hours
3. Ban for a day
4. Ban for a week
5. Perm Ban