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Trial GM process

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Thank you for everything  /no1.....I still want you and Crayon >.<. Good luck on your future ventures, it was truly awesome working with you.

thanks for your input ^^. I agree the degree and type of requirements fluctuates depending on the needs of the server and position.

Hi Royal~

I never experienced undergoing a trial period but I experienced handling those who are in the trial period.

The interview should be about knowing the one you are hiring. If you are going to accept someone with experience, ask what his is position and his experience. (The ups and downs) and what do you think he had learned from it and for those who doesn't have one yet, ask what does he expect in the position is he going to apply, how prepared is he, what does he expect from the server, players and the staff that he'll be working with and how much dedication can he give (idk who I told this at Warfare, when you become a staff, other activities like RMS responding in server seeking threads is a part of the dedication). Then, if you are not satisfied, you are open to ask another questions and in the latter part, explain to him why does he need to undergo a trial position and so on and so fort.

Trial process should be a month, its the most preferred though, two months would be nuts. As for how you can determine when its over, aside from after a month, I suggest you put a section in your forums naming (or at least similar to this) as Staff Feedback then, ask players to post there. As for their logs, you can simply check it out on your own (SQL, etc)

I suggest you make a pinned topic with a format like this: (Remember, this is applicable to all staff, including the admin himself)

Topic Name: <GM name>


Rating (1 out of 10)
Eventfulness: (For event GM only)
Comment: (Please state the positive and the negative aspect of the staff for them to improve the negative aspects.)

Do you think he should be a full time GM here, and why? (For those who are in trial positions)

Hope it helps~


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