Server Owner Survey

Started by l2ue, Oct 22, 2009, 11:21 PM

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What motivated you to start an RO Server?

I made an RO server because I love RO itself, and I wanted everyone that may like the same things that I see in an RO server to have it.

How do you hire GMs?

If I get sent an application, I review it and talk it over with other GMs I know from other server, including Admins because I seem to know a lot of them. Also, I make sure I've known them for a decent amount of time to have a good judgment on them.

Whenever you decided to work on your server, what did you spend most of your time on?

I spend most of my time on fixing the client/scripting because, I enjoy being able to make things better and fun. :D

What are your views on donations?

I don't like donations, and I don't have them on my server. =3