Should i hired a GM?

Started by AquarRO, Nov 27, 2010, 03:57 PM

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after beeing work as a GM for like 5 years on more then 40 servers i seen so many corrupt gm on the server that i work with and mostly of them died , since im going to open 3 server low mid and high rate . im sure that alone wouldn't be able to takecare of all the server same time so i got no choice but to hired a gm like event support but what if they corrupt?

so what should i do? pay them? so that they wouldn't f*** up the job? or should i just work alone and just hired some support gm? and then i would just use a npc auto event

any opinion?


Well first of all it's better if you know oyu can trust the person you hire. If there is no way around it to hire people you don't know, then put them as Trial GM. Give them only commands they need, do not give them @item and/or any other commands that they could abuse. If you have worked long enough and you know you can trust them you can promote them. I would be careful though, the more power one has the more corrupt a lot of GMs get.

If you want to pay them is up to you but if you really wanted to go that far then get at least people who are really familiar with RO and they should be able to script and/or sprite if you are already gonna pay them.
For random GMs though I wouldn't pay. That's my opinion at least. ;3

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Just because you pay a person, does not mean that they wont be xyuki said, you pretty much have to do a trial gm setup or have people you trust with GOOD if not excellent judgement. If your staff works on all 3 servers, you should make sure that they know that each server runs differently and they need to take into account that each server is its own entity.

if Player Qwerty is breaking the rules on low rate server and decides to hop on midrate and do the same thing. Its a separate entity, meaning that the low rate has no bearing on mid rate. Ive known many GM's who disregard that and just punish on the spot


As stated before me, just make sure the people you choose to hire are people you know and trust. That doesn't mean just hire friends (It usually turns out bad if you just hire someone because you're friends with them, and not also because they know what they're doing), but at least make sure it's someone you know you can trust to do their job properly.

Another suggestion, do not hire Event GMs. These types of GMs are the most common when it comes to corruption, and most that I have seen just sit around and do nothing (Or sit around playing with commands) thinking all their job entails is a couple events a day and that's it. Just hire a couple people that know how to script and/or do some spriting/mapping, and leave it at that. A few support-type GMs could do for in-game issues, I guess. Just make sure that they don't have any abusive commands, and monitor them closely.


about trial GM i dont think its a good idea since i remember when i work on one server as a Head GM there were 3 trial GM they work SO GOOD . me and the owner decide to let them be a gm after 4 months of trial you think :O after that 1 month 1 gm go corrupt cause he is bored . after one week the other gm also go corrupt cause his friend make a server and invite him to be co owner :p at the end the server died after 2 corruption from 300 population to 0


Well but having trials GMs is better than promoting a random person directly to a GM. As I said if you let your GMs only have commands they need and cannot abuse then there's almost nothing to worry about.

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Monitor them! Do not let them get away with anything. Corruption my start at something very small. Once they get away with that they start feeling more comfortable to do bigger things. Before you know it you have a mess on your hands.

Now, if something does get out of hand, fire them. Right away. DO NOT try to cover it up. Be very open with your players. They will respect you for your honesty and you might just keep a few more players than you would have.


how to monitor them? o_o


check your atcommand log daily is a good start to keep tabs on your gm's. The first thing to do is test them every once in a while by creating a new acct and using it to break rules and then see what the gm's do.

Do they ignore it? Do they let it go too far before taking action? Once you get your tests done on your gm's, log back into your admin acct and see if they can have a chat about what they did right, what they did wrong and what they could improve on. It is in your best interest, especially your servers, to properly train your staff and help them to improve.

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yah get trustworthy ppl


you can use some restriction diffs and edit some gm commands or modify the gm.conf. If you wanna hire some gms you need to monitor them and always check the atcommand logs.


Be upfront with the people you want to hire with your views about corruption and let them know that they will get fired immediately if it happens. I have a set of standards that my GM's have agreed to follow so they all know the rules and what they can and can't do.

Also like others have said watch your logs, you can set the level at which GM commands start getting logged in your server config files so you can customize it to your needs. Good logs to watch are your @command logs, your account/char logs to see if they are actually getting on and doing their job, pick logs for item creation and trading and chat logs but those can be tedious.

Another good thing is to restrict their access to essential commands only. The less abilities you give them the less chance they have to be corrupt, Make sure that they don't have the ability to create and trade/drop items.

Also think about not giving your GM's any moderating powers on your forums. That way it's hard for them to cover up any reports or the like against them.

Also paying staff won't ensure that they won't end corrupt nor does it ensure that they will actually do their job.

Also ask them for references and check them out go to previous servers they have worked on etc. Don't take what they initially tell you at face value.

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Trustworthy and talented Staff.. That would lead you to success :)


I think its important if you know the people you'll hire and if you do want to hire from the pool of players, you have to make their commands very limited. Don't put # commands

I agree with the comment on not getting event GMs. giving them prizes is kinda risky.


you dont have to pay them. because if they love what they are doing, they put their heart to it. and enjoy it to the last moment.