how do you make sure your GMs are the right people?

Started by axleokami, Sep 18, 2010, 10:45 PM

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When i first started as a gm it felt pretty good knowing that a server would be in my hands to entertain, but as weeks go by you quickly relise that alot of people don't like what your doing and will so called "rebel" against you.
I originally joined cause i was bored with the game and wanted something new. I couldn't have been more wrong.
Alot of people that want to be GM these days don't know alot about the game and shouldn't be allowed to GM and servers get ruined like this.
Regardless there are some who KNOW the game and should be given the opportunity.
So, what do you think is the best way to check if domeone new to the GM world is cut out to be a GM on your server?
P.s. I am GM no more because i found out the easy way that GMing isnt for everybody, and i left before damage was done.


Don't give them actual power until you are sure they are worth the risk.
Don't hire anyone under the age of 18.
Don't hire competitive people.

Normally when I put an application out I require an example from them of what kind of work I expect out of them.   If its a coder, I need some original code written up.  If its a Storyteller, write out a full event.

Keep logs and if you are doubting their ability to do their job, bring it up to them if they are already hired.  It's better to keep a clear line of communication open.  Agharta Dev - for your mapping and scripting needs  Project Deimos - an upcoming roleplaying server.


simple.easy.and all right in my opinion.
The server that hired me was like name,age,job you want. 0.o
thats all i needed to be hired. I feel that some servers hire people for the sake of saying that they have GMs.


Quote from: axleokami on Sep 18, 2010, 11:08 PM
simple.easy.and all right in my opinion.
The server that hired me was like name,age,job you want. 0.o
thats all i needed to be hired. I feel that some servers hire people for the sake of saying that they have GMs.

It'd feel a little invasive to ask for your name straight up imo, but knowing your age and/or whether you have a job or not would make sense to ask. Now I know age doesn't really mean anything on the subject of maturity, but I suppose it's a reassuring note for some admins on the prowl. o-o

Knowing whether a person really is the right person or not, is kind of impossible. No matter how trust worthy a person appears to be, you will not know if they truly are trust worthy or not until the power is in their hands. o-o


I agree with Nomi.. you don't know for sure until they've worked for you a little bit and prove themselves trustworthy.
Its a risk, definitely.. but I don't think a server can survive with admins alone.. GMs are a vital part.

On mine, we gave interested people a fairly extensive "quiz". The answers given were not judged based on right or wrong, simply how the questions were answered. Stuff like that can help in finding the right person, but you just can't know for sure until they're hired. New GMs should be closely monitored whether or not theres any doubts they're the right person.

Depending on their role, it may be pressuring for the person. Its definitely not for everyone.. Regardless of age (unless they're like 12), I think the person just needs to know what they're in for @_@

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The one concern I have found regarding age is more closely related to availability.  When you are hiring someone that lives by parental guidelines you may find that what they plan on being able to do and what they can actually do are not the same. 

I am not saying don't hire someone that is younger but have a clear understanding of the availability and any conditions that are put on that availability. Is access or time limited by grades, behavior, etc.

I have also found it very helpful to have a back up contact method available.


Age:  Is irrelevant,  I've seen more than my fair share of 18+ corrupt GMs

Name:  Is irrelevant,  ?

Experience:  Is irrelevant,  meaning you can train them anyway

Gender:  Is irrelevant, because a lot of guys pretending to be female GMs and have really made real female GMs look bad.

Ultimately it comes down to trial and error,  the more power they get, the higher the chance of them doing something corrupt.  There is no true way of hiring a GM and knowing for certain they wont be corrupt.  Also,  always have a HUGE list of dos and donts,  without this list... the chance of corrupt activity increases greatly.   Personal Character,  are they stable or emo?  If they are emo, don't hire,  if they are a known troll DONT HIRE.  If they are brown nosing,  DONT HIRE.  If they aren't contributing or trying to contribute to the server,  DONT HIRE.  Donations do not count as a contribution,  you shouldn't let people buy their way into power.

Legit Chars:  Is irrelevant, a corrupt GM would find a way to bypass this rule anyway.  I've been on servers where admins broke this rule that they themselves created.  It is a pointless and bias rule, that only drags your GMs to other servers, thus making them less active, thus making them less in tune with the community.  Also decreases the chance of them finding bots and abusers.

Head GM:  Hire a GM that will control all the other GMs,  don't waste your admin time trying to play GM...  Admins and Developers make horrible GMs and they should never be involved in such matters,  EVER.  I can't make this anymore clearer than I can.  Keep admins out of GM activities.  If I had a dime for everytime an Admin interfered with me banning a troll, I'd be a millionaire.


Trial and error.

extreme disicpline and don't let newcomers feel too comfortable on their job.

Ex: Enforce proper grammar and spelling when talking to players.
Rude of impolite attitude towards players = immediate explusion from server.
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