Giving Extra Rewards For Voting In A Server

Started by Bryan Earl Spilner, Nov 26, 2015, 08:58 PM

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Bryan Earl Spilner

Hi guys.

I am one of the staff of a high rate server I am currently playing. I went here to ask directly about something that bugs me that I think I still unsure about the real answer.

I am aware of the no rewards to be given upon reviewing a server. I agree to that.

But how about giving extra rewards upon voting a server on the gamesites such as RO Top 100 or something beside giving vote tokens in-game for vote item rewards? Is it allowed?

I wanna clarify this for future references.

Thank you.

Coochy coochy coo

I think its allowed, long as its not a review. Besides its you who'll give rewards etc, if you think voting is that worth why not?

Bryan Earl Spilner

Not that.

If you re-read what I asked, I already said the voting items, yeah it's allowed. But aside from that, the other ones, like zeny or extra points without using vote coins / tokens.

I really wanna know how about that.


I think as long as its not ratemyserver that they're voting on


I would prefer to check each topsites rules regarding that.

Like RMS that not allowed to give any rewards to reviewer, I guess each topsites also had similiar rule.


The topsites simply do not care. All that matters to them is that you bring traffic to their website so that they earn money with advertising.


What DeePee said.

The only thing they might mind is if someone sets up tons of proxies to create thousands of votes since that's not very healthy traffic for them.


I know it's the old topic but I have the clear answer from the RMS admin so maybe someday, if someone decide to check this topic, will see this:
That includes any item, points, credits or any advantage you offer to players in exchange for them to review your server.

You also CANNOT promise any server wide incentive, advantage, item/point/credit give away or events when certain goals (such as getting ranked in the top x or getting x number of reviews) related to your listing.

Basically you can ask your players to make a review, and you should NOT provide any incentive for them to do so.  You can say your server will get more players when other people looking for server sees their reviews and so it will benefit the server that way. "
Eluminare van Rijn - the honest review maker


The terms of services should have it clear for most people:

As far as this topic is concerned (super late reply), top sites or voting sites are not our territory so we have no rule to govern what server can or cannot give to votes.  Only reviews on RMS need to respect our terms of services.