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In responses to your replies, me and the GM team decided to put up a stricter server rules, and different punishments are also indicated in some aspects of the game and especially to player/s to GM as well. Some had been muting players all over and over and over again and if they won't stop, we may ban them instead. Who the hell would want to keep punishing a player that won't change?

We had been talking about some implementations in the server too, like what Triper said, a NPC that will broadcast the rules like every 30 minutes or so (for them to be able to memorize it) We had also been jailing and muting a lot of players recently and once their @request is ignored, they will goddamn spam it to hell, its like you've maxed out the whole chat screen (F10) and what happens is you've scrolled up and down so hard and yet it had covered up the chats.

We might remove @request due to this and such, if the whole staff will agree, of course and implement #/@ main, market, guild instead.

Triper, the Event GMs have @jail and @mute so we are making the use of it and when we punish players, we also take screenshots of what they did too. Meanwhile the Head GM has the @ban (so far non has been banned except for those who stupidly forgot or accidentally turned on TPP and Harmony detected them and banned)

Kensei, I have to agree with you, I bet this is the most worst community ever and plus of the majority of the players come from the same place though. Some are nice but mostly fvcking badass people.

Latin, I agree on the part where you said "While GM isn't someone to be worshipped, they need to be respected."

aROPandora, yes, we had placed a stricter rules now, hope it will work as intended or if not, gonna make punishments damn stricter.

We've decided to put up things like this:

On GMs Events, whoever the GM is hosting the event, she is in charge of how she will be punishing the player.

Then in game and forum punishment is as follows:

First offense: Warning
Second: Mute
Third: Perma ban from the server.

You need to chill out. Okay maybe your server majorities are terrible people but as a GM you should not lose your cool.

Also, removing @request while enabling main chat does not help. You don't really shut their options to get your attention. Some people will always try to find any way to get your attention when they got some grudges on you. You have to judge their degree of hatred, don't get pissed off because of one "F" word. That just shows how not tolerant you are.

You might want to do IP ban if the case reaches severe level. Account ban won't hurt since most private servers are free and making new emails is not that hard. But then again, you should be careful in case of several people sharing the same IP.

Another controversy? Shutting down any necessary means to get staffs' attention can make your server "not communicative / supportive". So yeah, think twice before making decision. Don't go all out of rage just because some people pissed you off.

We tend not to lose our cool, but we just ignore them instead, with their attitudes, even the admin herself is losing her cool. Either, a lot are abusing @request, mostly spams and badmouths. We do ignore them, but from time to time, we are also noticing that people are already too much. Its kinda weird at the moment that the GMs has a @main command and the player does not have one. /hmm

Well, the consequence of IP ban is if others are playing in the same place, well, some are near to it, especially attempted to DDOS the server recently because of the extra freebies not given out that fast (the owner was offline by that time /swt)

I agree with the controversy part, but if they would continue it, the whole team might end up deciding removing @request instead. 85% of the population are those people who pisses/annoys/badmouth/trashtalks the gms.

Use /ex nickname after ignore, it's easier that way imo. Your chat won't be covered by someone stupid and people later can know why that happen if you pm them back warning them about it. Also, making the staff hard to reach won't help since, as much as  many players seems to be ****-heads in that particular cases, the others aren't and sometimes they may need help and don't know where to go.

And if the server has that much problems with the free items, make an npc that gives them when they start the game for the first time[limiting it to 1 time per account is enough].

Should try doing it once I log in once more, of course, I have to /ex all their character names then.

Here's the thing, we have a automated NPC for the freebies except for the one from the admin. The free items are, 2 briss, 1 mjolnir, 1 sleipnir, 100 box of berry, well, its a high rate server after all. Of course, making a new account means you can get these items after. That's why the owner decided to make it as a extra freebie which means she will give it to you, now, she removed it as far as I remember and now people are.... /swt


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