It's time to shut down the mailing system.

Started by Zone, Feb 04, 2009, 12:27 PM

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I'm scanning through bugs, so I will keep you posted.
Also, get on msn lol.


I wonder if they are using text servers. I might be mistaken, since I haven't used it in a while, but I remember the text servers only saving a character once every so often (default set at 60 seconds I think). It only does a save when the character is online. Therefore, maybe if the person logs on, sends the money and logs off before the save occurs, he will still be in the same state the next time he logs on, even though the mail is already sent. I will be testing this out when I have the time, unless someone beats me to it or already knows that this is not the case.
Don't worry, be happy =(


Mailing system is going down.

Thank you.


Data must be saved by the second for it to work like you think it does.
SQL servers function the same way.






xD i think it'd be a good idea to just forget about the idea in general?
seems like more trouble then its worth at this point


I agree.
It's a lame function as it is.


lol @ all who will take down the mailing system because of this topic.


How is it lol'able?

Unless you, personally, have a fix for the problem, it's possible on every server unless they've disabled it.

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Quote from: Aurora™ on Feb 09, 2009, 07:57 AM
How is it lol'able?

i agree, i don't see whats funny about it?

the mailing system's always been riddled with bugs as far as i can remeber, it does more harm then it does good, and its been that way for a while now i think


I still don't see how it can duplicate zeny, thus an unconfirmed bug.
There really isn't anything to be wary of until it's been reproduced sufficiently enough to concur that it can duplicate zeny.