What do you look for in a GM?

Started by AxeGunner, Jul 15, 2007, 10:03 PM

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I'm sorry if this is considered as threadmancy, but anyway, I just faced this problem recently, and I only want to share this with you all. I think this thread fits for my post, although this is actually from a player's point of view.

Once I played in this local private server, and my character suddenly disappeared. She was an Aura Stalker, level 99/70, exp rate is 300x compared to idRO (not iRO). Took hours to level up even against Ice Titan when I was level 90+.  :( I asked the GM who was online by using my second slot character, and she was like, ignoring me. She was chatting with some male players. I kept on whispering her and finally, I got a respond. But it was "I don't want to know if it's n00b problems". Ignoring her attitude, I asked about what actually had happened to my character. She said there was a blackout which caused a server crash, and it seemed that my character got deleted due to that.
I asked her if she could do anything to recover the data, but she said there's nothing she could do, and suggested me to "start from the beginning again". Then she ignored me again, simply to chat with the male players. Or should I say, flirting?
I swore I'll never play in that server again. >_>

Umm, that's the background story, so basically, I am expecting a GM to be someone who know well that he/she has great responsibility, therefore he/she should do the best for the player's comfort. I didn't ask for my character to be recovered if it simply couldn't happen, but at least offer me a hand instead of hanging out with other players for fun. I mean, that kind of attitude just really kills the image of "kind and helpful GM". If you only want to chat with players, be one of them, don't be a GM. >_<

Once again, I only want to share. Please forgive me if this sounds offending or rude, and I apologize for my bad English. It is not my first language.

Thanks. =)