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Started by zidane26, Apr 26, 2013, 05:29 AM

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what are the position and responsibilites of game master


That can vary depending on your rank and the server... But I guess basic stuff:

  • Forum and (if the server has it) support chat moderation.
  • Basic in game support (helping players we general problems like a quest they're stuck or a technical issue)
  • Basic rule enforcement (punishing people KSing or grieving other players, assuming your server has rules against this)

Some of the more specific things, that you might not do on all servers:

  • Sometimes running an event (if you're in an event GM position)
  • Listening to player suggestions and discussing them within the team to see if any should be put into action
  • Helping to plan future seasonal/festive events
  • Working to further balance game mechanics and skills
  • Helping in developing new in game content
  • Answering support tickets

Obviously there are other jobs on top of these, but these are the ones that sorta make up the greater part of the position from what I have seen.


I would say that it depends on the server, like Cressy said. Not every server is the same neither they categorize what a GM should do as all do.
It can be something basic as handle problems that players have to be something "complex" as a dev.

Some people like to adress tasks/tags to them according what they do. Some will classify GMs as just GMs and have a list of what they do in the forum or website while some will say what they do by saying that this is Event GM and do Events, the other will be Support GM and just run the Support Center, the other dood will be the I do food while you watch and slurs, etc.

If someone wants, they will even do a GM be like an admin and just pay them a monthly fee to do their work ...


Hmmm.. For me.. I have different type of GM..

ADMIN : Better only one.. Who make this server only.. To avoid abuse.. (lvl 99 GM)
Event : Gm that handle Event..
Script Manager : Can only reload script.. So.. He have right to access the server.. Just no GM command but script related like @reload @tonpc
Law Enforcer : This GM can ban/unban, jail/unjail,and so on.. This kind of GM better you give to your trusted person only.. Because im afraid can abuse its power..

Hope this can help you~