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Started by purely_mad, Oct 15, 2010, 12:28 PM

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Why does a GM's legit automatically be deemed "corrupt" if your legit is even semi-good at PvP? I really don't underastand the logic. I am the owner of a private server and am the 3rd owner. I've been a player since it first opened. When I was handed the server there was absolutely no wipe at all. I was given all the files needed. Me being a player from this server for over 6 months, I've had time to hunt and quest good customs. They give me advantage over only those who do not know how to pvp really good. I get pwned all the time by specific good PvPers. But yet I suddenly own a bunch of newb-ish  PvPers and suddenly I get accused of cheating?


It happens on most servers. Players will find whatever they can to accuse a GM of corruption. Even if it makes no sense.

It's happened to me before, lmao.


It's bound to happen if you have a legit and people know you're a GM legit. People don't care if you worked for your equips or not, the basic instinct to react to a loss is to accuse the winner of cheating. If you haven't done anything wrong, just keep playing, if anyone cries about it just ask another GM to check you and screenshot it, bam, problem solved.
It's either that or just stop playing with your legit, but I can assure you, as Kyomi said, people will find any reason they can to accuse a GM. You just have to deal with false accusations.

Good Luck.


Usually if a server I'm GM'ing on allows me to have a legit, I just make sure I keep my identity secret. Not because I have anything to hide, but because I would rather not be a part of stupid drama over false accusations. Luckily for me, I don't PvP, nor do I participate in any WoE. xD

Although I have GM'ed on servers with small, close-knit communities, that were comfortable with me playing on a legit because they knew me well enough to know I wouldn't cheat.

I think the main targets are newly hired GM's, because most communities are very cautious of new GM's in the beginning. And some like to try and harass the GM's, too, as some sort of way to test them.


These situations kind of come with being a GM, but it's why staff members of a server are encouraged to hide their legit's identity if the staff member feels it's needed. I wish you the best of luck. :3


Just don't tell your players your legit's names.  ;D


Basically what Nomi and Noobstarr said, just don't tell anyone your a game master when your on your legit


If you can open your equipment to the public, that will disperse half of the "Currupt-ness" however, some will still think your stats are hackd'


It's sadly what most players are like. It's the first thing they assume. You're a GM, so you -must- be abusing all the stuff you can do. Even if it's made clear to the players that certain commands aren't available to some of the lower level GM's, there's still a big chance they will be accused of corruption. For some players it's common sense that there's no such thing as a legit, for a GM. For that reason, it's probably for the best to keep legits, if there are any, a secret.


Yeah I have thought of it, cause I need my legit for testing things like balance. I could just rename the character. Thanks for the input ^_^ I am kinda new to owning a server so it's still a learning process.


Yes, and this happens to be one of the most irritating comments people can come up with. Then there's, ''Oh, [GM] xx is WoEing on their legit, definitely cheating!''. This is why people need to keep their legits secret, and if they are found out, unfortunately it's time to make a new one and act like a new player. :/

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It happens. The best thing you can do is stay out of pvp on the characters where your identity is known.

The sad thing is, I have seen actual corruption by a gm on a server I used to work for. At first I thought he was just a victim of false claims, but in the end it did turn out that he had used the control panel to give his legits some rare items and zeny.

So, even if you are being honest, I can't say I blame the players for their reactions. Personally I don't pvp, I might just pvm with some friends at most.


I don't understand why people will ravage you when they found out you have a legit. We were a RO player just like others and how come we are not allowed to play our own server. A little compliment like "nice game GM" instead of "omg gm haxx stats corrupt" would make us feel better.


Give a man power and he'll abuse it.
Ever heard this phrase, huh? Well that's what people have in mind. Being accused of cheating is the first consequence on creating a legit.
In every single server I worked on and was actually allowed to have a legit, the minute you tell people you're a GM it's the beginning of the "cheater OMFG!111!!1!!" rain.
Players won't accept you're not cheating because of the simple fact that you actually can. Period. There's no use showing equipment to public; posting your stats/storage on the forums to prove you're not corrupt. Everything is hide-able.

The only means I've found to avoid all this stuff is not telling people who you are. Make alibis when you can't have both online or w/e. And make sure your superior (another GM/Admin) keeps track of what you're doing. Then you MAY be able to play like a normal player.


I think we've reached the same conclusion many times. You can't tell anyone you have a Legit and if people find out, your screwed.